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Anyone out there?

Driving home from the Tuesday night class in Cork, it took twice as long as usual. Well done students from afar, hope you made it home alright.
Driving through Bandon was like driving in the city around 5.30.

Gridlock in Bandon at 9 PM.

People with a foot of snow on their car were panic buying, a friend on facebook showed empty shelves in the Clonakilty supermarkets.

It's now Thursday, the water supply is frozen.
It finally dawned on me that we have a scenario where there could be no water, electricity (storms regularly disconnect us). Therefore no heat, as most people need electrics to pump the warm water through radiators.
No showers or baths, no clean clothes, no washing-up machines! Family mayhem.

I didn't think ahead enough, as we have plenty of our food, preserved, dried, as well as growing outside and inside our polytunnel, fresh eggs, and our freezer is always half full. (Hope the electrics don't get cut off too long). But now we could be in trouble by the next few days.

Oh dear. What to do?

I made a list...

The roads are iced/snowed over out here in West Cork country-side. My old snow chains don't fit on my newer car. Have to fit them onto wife's car. I'll have to drive it, too, yuck, if we get the chains on. See if there is anything on the shelves in Clonakilty.

All that was left in the local post-office/shop yesterday was a half-pint of milk and yesterday's white sliced (the boys were delighted with that), just enough for their breakfast.

So, I hope everyone is well, please think of any old people that need help if you are able, and if we are not all turned into savages by Sunday, please turn up at Nano Nagle for a very exited Spring Detox Qigong Course.

Maybe we need to call it a Kidney Winter Warmup Course?

Free garlic? Yes of course, plenty left. Which reminds me;

I won't be responsible for all our desperate attempts to get to Tai Chi on Friday, you are off the hook!

No An Sanctoir class in Ballydehob..
No Bantry class, both on Friday morning.

See you on the 4th of March at the Nano Nagle Birthplace Centre.

Spring Qigong will be for one day from 10 AM to 4.30 PM, ask me for details by replying to this mail. Cost: €80. Just send a €30 non-refundable deposit to my iban account.

Keep practising Qigong to stay warm,

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