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Free garlic?

Yes, you read that correctly, come to the lessons and receive a free bulb of organic garlic or two, with every lesson.
Preserved Garlic in jar
When growing garlic in the garden, there are good and bad years. Sometimes there is a bumper crop, other years we dig out the sprigs and seedlings just to eat them, or even use snow flakes (the plants that have a white flower at this time of year) to get that sweet pungent taste.

A good friend had a bumper crop and still has a lot left so we are giving it away at the lessons and courses in the whole of Cork and County.

Garlic is especially good for the spleen, stomach, lung and large intestine.

It helps reduce swelling, helps stop diarrhea, removes toxins and kills parasites.

So, come along to these courses and get double the results by working on your health as well as eating the right food!

First course will be in Bantry Friday morning. Tomorrow 11.30 AM at the Life Balance Yoga Centre, on Main Street.
Great for anyone who wants to start with real knowledge of how to breathe and exercise right to obtain good Qi and blood circulation.
All the basics will be covered in an understandable way that you will feel results.

Second Course: The whole day workshop on the 4th of March at the Nano Nagle Birthplace Centre.
It will be especially on Qigong, Tai Chi movements, Meditation and food that stimulates the liver. 

This is a spring detox qigong day.

Spring Qigong will be for one day from 10 AM to 4.30 PM, ask me for details by replying to this mail. Cost: €80. Just send a €30 non-refundable deposit to my iban account.

And for desert: The Grand-Master Zanze Pandit is coming to Cork on the 18th of March to teach Buddhist Qigong set "Twin Dragons Qigong".
Do you know he is the Dean, internationally, of the Hanmi School of Buddhism?
Cost: €120.

Check  the new courses and on-going lessons here. 

And don't forget to take the garlic home with you!

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