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Hello, below are the new courses starting in January 2018.

But first I'd like to mention that it's time to do a little detox.

Cleansing our body around the solstice time is very beneficial. I know it's a difficult time because it coincides with the festive days.

To ride the wave of nature's rhythm and thereby be in harmony with nature's restorative power:

Cut out processed flour and sugar (biscuits, white bread and pasta), coffee, alcohol, meat, we are giving ourselves a rest from the inside out. If we could do this for 2 weeks right up to Xmas, cleansing will have a huge knock-on effect for our health all the way through summer.

The new courses will start on:

SMA, Wilton; Tuesday 9 January 2018 - 18.00 PM 
It will be a course with several aspects, learning varied simple exercises, beginners will learn what Qigong can do for them. E.g. Microcosmic Orbit for Qi flow, Increasing the feeling of Chi in your body. Warmups designed to increase Qi Flow, stimulating acupoints in the face and body to promote unblocking Qi.

An Sanctoir; Friday 12 January 2018 - 09.30 AM
We will continue to work on nourishing the kidneys using the exercises from Tai Chi Chi Gung Shibashi and Healing Sounds Meditation. It will be geared towards beginners' understanding of mindfulness based exercise.

Nano Nagle Centre, Ballygriffin, 27th and 28th January 2018

We will use Qigong exercise and Daoist healing Sounds Meditation to stimulate the “Ming-men” energy center, located between the kidneys. Its called “the fire of the gate of vitality”. This area, when stimulated, nourishes the kidneys and benefits our health and well being. Practising Qigong prevents illness and restores the energy balance within our body and mind.

Nourishing the Kidneys can:

  • Warm the body with kidney energy, needed for the functioning of our organs.

  • Make you feel less tired, depressed or anxious

  • Increase your longevity and kidney energy

  • Help to improve: sleep, immune system, the ability to cope with stress, memory, appetite, ear health

  • Aid in controlling emotions, focus and concentration

  • Keep healthy teeth, strong nails, thick and healthy hair

  • Build strong bones and joints

  • Have a positive influence on the reproductive and renal systems

    Cost €125 when booked before 2018!


Clonakilty Qigong, Wednesday January 17 - 18.30 PM

Beginners class in Qigong, Tai Chi, Meditation and Mindfulness.
Booking in advance is essential.

The last classes this year will be held on:

SMA, Wilton; Tuesday 19 December 2017
An Sanctoir; Friday 8 December 2017

Keep smiling from the heart!


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