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Just look around at the buds and flowers. Spring is here. It may be cold, but the growth has started.

This is traditionally/astronomically speaking. Divide the solstices and equinoxes (or equinoctes) into seasons and we start spring around the start of Feb. 
The druids built stone circles to predict weather, probably the most important thing to divine at the time was for agriculture, and farming was and still is at the mercy of weather.

Our bodies, too, are subject to weather and it's seasons.

That leads me to consider which organ should be kept in mind when practising Daoist Qigong.

The next few classes will be about nourishing the Spleen, the organ that we stimulate in between the seasons.  Soon, when our part of the earth warms up, about one month later, meteorological Spring will start. That's when The Liver organ is most important to strengthen. 

There is a Special course coming up on the 4th of March at the Nano Nagle Birthplace Centre that will be all about Qigong and Tai Chi movements as well as Meditation and food to stimulate the liver.

Spring Qigong will be for one day from 10 AM to 4.30 PM, ask me for details by replying to this mail. Cost: €80

Please send a cheque or deposit a €30 non-refundable deposit to my iban account.

The good news is that if sent 2 weeks from now, its just €70 for the whole day, including handouts with all the movements, what food to eat, support with a proper liver detox.
It will be up to you how long you want to detox, I only do it for a week or two...

More good news! 
The Grand-Master Zanze Pandit is coming to Cork on the 18th of March to teach Buddhist Qigong set "Twin Dragons Qigong". Cost: €120.

I'm starting a 5 week course in Bantry, 23d February, on Friday mornings at the Life Balance Yoga Centre, on Main Street.

Check it out here. And let me hear from you. 

I shall leave you with this saying.

"T'ai Chi and Qigong will be a major part of the global awakening."
-- Eckart Tolle, author of the global best-seller "The New Earth"

Enjoy the birth of buds and flowers,

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