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I'm delighted you opened this email.

Happy out to let you hear the new guided meditation for the Lungs, below.

Lungs breathe air day and night, all our lives.
They deserve a little attention, especially during "their" season, the Autumn.

I've been busy, apart from my other two businesses, the Qigong teacher I follow has been explaining more about how deep Chi works for our health.

To that extent I've created a new course:

The next workshop at the Nano Nagle Birthplace Centre is scheduled for:

Sunday 25th November 2018 10 AM – 4.30 PM

I have prepared a special workshop centred on two of the best Shaolin Qigong exercises for health and longevity.

Both Hands Lift Sky” and
“Look Back to Carry the Moon”

They are easy enough to learn and you can feel the benefit straight away.

When practised 10-20 mins. per day, your spine will become more supple, increasing mobility and life-time.

Your Chi will flow better around all of your body to help ward off all illness, and during the winter, your resistance to colds and flu will increase.

There will be Chi(energy)-flow loosening and strengthening warm-up movements for all the joints and muscles, and I hope to go through some of the lung/heart Qigong as well, time permitting.

Of course this would not be a holistic approach to health if there weren't meditations and mindfulness exercises on the agenda.

With so much going on in our modern lives, it is essential for our mental health and stress relief/prevention to calm the mind. Even at rest , our minds can keep going, causing bad sleep, muddled thinking, which may result in ill-health.

I have worked on new ways of dealing with the “monkey mind” with my teacher, colleagues and daily practise, and will share these experiences with you.


Early bird: €80 non-refundable deposit required before Tu. 6 Nov. €95 at the door.

Included is a password to reach the on-line resources & support.

Telephone: 00353 23 885 7370 Mobile: 086 1591881


Keep on belly breathing,


Details of times/venues

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