When is it the Right Time to

Meet The Family?

When is it the right time to meet the family?  This question comes to mind in various settings. Is there really a right or wrong time to meet the family in reality?   In dating and getting to know you phases as well as in a clinical therapeutic setting, we all must ask ourselves the question about whether this is the right time to introduce family into the equation.

Meet the Family. 

"But my family is not what you think.." Whether your family is functional or dysfunctional in your eyes, it is vital that family become involved in certain settings or situations relative to your life realistically.  In therapy, most therapists or psychologists will request limited involvement of loved ones or family members at a time deemed appropriate to obtain a clear viewpoint of the family member's relationships involved and the impact of your family's possible dysfunction or supportive actions on you overall.  When dating or involved in relationships with others, you must determine if the person is significant enough to meet your loved ones or family members.  Some let everyone they date meet their family members or immediate support system.  The choice is up to you!  


For some, family is a constant source of support and love.  However for others, family is not at all supportive and is a consistent stressor causing issues that relate to mental illness and negative life consequences.  There are comedic movies and nonfiction books that focus on meeting the family and/or meeting the parents.  Usually in these movies, family puts in place a realistic atmosphere where a person can truly be themselves without any guilt or anxiety.  Family, realistically other times, places pressures on individuals that cause them to revert to their younger childhood roles without hesitation.  Whichever version of you family brings out, it is still important that family is involved in some of your day to day relationships to keep you grounded and avoid losing your moral foundation.  There are some family members that it is best to love from a distance due to past experiences as well as the potential harm that they might have on your current life or mental health. Once again, the choice is up to you!  


When and if you are uncertain if your family members are those that you can love without negative consequences, it may be a good time to consider involving a mediator or neutral party such as a psychotherapist that might be helpful overall. Call us at All About You Counseling Services so we can explore options or help you to determine if these relationships are beneficial to your mental health and wellness or even aiding in identifying family or loved ones that can be an additional source of support if needed.  This can definitely be an emotional roller coaster experience if not directly addressed or "swept under the rug" like many decide to do.  All About You Counseling Services can help.  The choice is up to you!  

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