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We have many options about what road to take when traveling from one destination to the next.  We are individually responsible for which route or road we choose to travel.  This newsletter was prompted by a book titled "The Road Less Traveled" by Dr. M. Scott Peck initially written in 1978. This book written by a psychiatrist is a favorite of lots of people that aim toward more self understanding and spiritual growth.  The focus is on dealing with the pain of everyday problems in constructive ways, such as delayed gratification, balancing, acceptance of responsibility, and dedication to truth.  

Thinking of roads when traveling, the roads that are not taken often by others usually are either smooth and newly paved or these roads are rocky and disconnected.  This means that the roads don't lead to popular destinations or connect you to places that are highly desired.  These routes definitely have less traffic, but sometimes may cause the trip to be longer overall due to the disconnection mentioned earlier. Some describe the road less traveled as peaceful and serene since it can be a limited amount of traffic as mentioned earlier.  Others describe the final stopping point as beautiful since it is unique to them.  So take control of your life today by choosing your path and remaining confident in the route chosen while continuing to move forward toward your destination.  

Remember if you realize that the road you've chosen is not beneficial toward your desired destination, you can always take another route or choose to view the roads with rose colored glasses.  What will a bump here or there do to you?  How will it affect your vehicle?  Will too many bumps or barriers determine the need to reroute?  Is there construction taking place on the route you've chosen or the roads that you are taking? Is the road concrete or a dirt road?  Why does all of this matter?  All of these questions come to mind when taking the road less traveled because you don't have many others to convey or discuss your experiences with along the way.  This is your unique path on your unique journey!  If you need an objective view about how the roads you have chosen are affecting you, please reach out to us at All About You Counseling Services soon.  We're waiting and ready to help you in whatever way that we can.  

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