What does it really mean to be placed in the?

Friend Zone.

What does it really mean to be placed in the friend zone?  We all know that singles like to mingle.  So even if you are currently in a relationship, you can definitely remember your days of mingling and getting to know others.  

3 Main Reasons Why Friend Zoning Occurs.

When mingling and dating, categorizing occurs automatically in all sexes.  Here is a list below of the easiest ways to be placed in the friend zone:  

  • You're so nice. 
  • You remind me of a family member or our relationship is family- oriented. 
  • Just not ready for a relationship right now -bad timing. 

Less is more when trying to avoid the friend zone. Not saying don't be nice or mannerable when meeting others or dating.  Just remember that the nicest guy or girl tends to finish last most of the time. The way you respond to being friend zoned says alot about you and even determines what type of friend you will be going forward However, the friend zone is not all that bad if you think about it. There are definitely those that were intiially placed in the friend zone that stuck around and eventually ended up marrying their "friend" or even meeting their future partner through this friend zone. There can be perks to being in the friend zone as well.  Friends get to do and know things about other friends that potential lovers or partners never really find out or know.  It's kind of like having a key to a door that not many others have.  You get to open the door anytime you show up, but others have to ring the doorbell and knock to be let inside.   I know that being friend zoned is still not that appealing, but we can help you to determine if this is a relationship to pursue as a friend or even more if you come and see us at All About You Counseling Services.  Don't stop mingling singles!  You just might find your soulmate or partner for life.   

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