Holiday Highs & Lows

These graphics depict some ways that people are affected by anxiety, stress, and depression - the highs and lows- during the holiday season.  

The months of October through January bring with it a significant number of holidays to celebrate and a wide array of emotions as well. From carving pumpkins to saluting Veterans to celebration of fireworks on New Year's Eve, most families are encouraged to spend this time together to develop traditions and memories for years to come. 


Remember everyone is not experiencing happy times during this holiday season. Charles Dickens, the author, sums it up well in this quote - " It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."  Some are reminded of darker times during these months  - family conflict, grief, financial strain, and loneliness - as a recent client reminded me during a session of his memories when his stepfather could not afford to purchase gifts for all of his siblings so determined many holidays that no gifts or celebrations was best for the family even though their belief system was to enjoy the holiday season.  Even with these unfavorable shared experiences, this client still expressed some memorable times and favorable holiday family gatherings through the years.  

Another client recently became aware through therapy that the holiday season is a trigger for his depressive symptoms that he has struggled with since high school.  Knowing this has helped him to develop a wellness plan suitable for this holiday period and increase awareness of signs and possible triggers to avoid so that symptoms of depression are decreased. Many emotions are experienced during the holidays, which can  cause isolation and distancing self from others due to the belief that everyone is busy and dealing with their own holiday responsibilities.  Holidays are also a good time for reunions with friends, family members, inviting visitors over, and other relationship rebuilding due to the tendency for traveling to old places and hometowns.  If you find that you have holiday stressors that you need to discuss or explore, reach out to us at All About You Counseling Services at 678-310-7151.


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