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 Is It Passion or Anger? 


When was the last time it seemed that someone cared if you were angry or upset?  How often do you find yourself in a fit of rage or feeling like a monster towards others around you?  I refer to myself as "Incredible Hulk" if you catch me during the day when a meal is overdue. I could bite your head off in my opinion.  Maybe I'm just passionate about healthy eating habits.  I know that others can relate to these types of feelings, but most tend to have trouble identifying their feelings day to day.  According to a new study in 2017 from Greater Good Science Center faculty director Dacher Keltner, there are 27 basic categories of emotions, which most people never really identify with due to the tendency to stick with "happy, sad, angry, and mad".  Just imagine how many times you might have felt disappointment, but called it sadness or been hungry and labeled it mad. There are truly an infinite number of feelings that any human can experience day to day.  Emotions are all connected and most experience the same emotions to similar stimuli based on the study results.  

There are definitely times when someone's passion for a particular subject or about a specific person can lead to miscontrued perceptions that a person is angry due to their delivery or tone when expressing emotions about their passion.  Based on reports from my clients, many are able to identify their feelings better after working to increase awareness over time.  Most primary emotions have secondary emotions and tertiary emotions that lead to the primary emotion you visibly see or observe.  Think about it. Before you get to the point of anger or being "mad", there are usually circumstances or events that cause feelings like hunger or dislike before anger even surfaces.   Emotions like anger, including other negative ones, should not be considered bad or unhealthy.  

It's what you do with your passion or anger that matters most! If you are passionate about politics, a healthy way to manage those passionate emotions or even anger may be to join a group that advocates for what you believe in or become heavily involved in politics yourself.  If you are angry at a family member because of something they have done towards you, it might be helpful to communicate your dissatisfaction to them in a clear and concise manner while setting limits and boundaries that might increase satisfaction in the relationship.  Some unhealthy ways of managing these types of emotions might be physically fighting or attacking someone, manipulative behaviors such as lying, and antagonistic actions like frequent nagging or repetitive invasive undesired involvement in someone's life affairs. We see mismanagement of emotions daily on the local and national news programs. This is just a snippet of some of the ways that we at All About You Counseling Services can aid with helping you to use your anger in a beneficial way.  Call us today if you have heard from those that know you well that you might have a problem with anger or if you know that you are angry more often than not.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.      

We just began the Distress Tolerance Module of DBT group so get ready for the next module in early September 2019.  Call us today to begin your prescreening if you are not already on the waiting list 678-310-7151.  
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