Do You Believe In Miracles? 

Sending some holiday cheer your way and wishing you a season full of joy, peace, and new beginnings in the New Year ahead!

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Have you ever witnessed an event that you found hard to believe or seen something happen to others that you cannot put into words when trying to describe?  This is usually referred to as a MIRACLE.  Some believe in miracles and others do not.  Miracles are usually things that cannot be explained by natural or scientific laws. This topic came to mind after hearing about holiday miracles on the news recently.  I was once given a book titled "Everyday Miracles" written by Marjorie Kimbrough as a gift that focuses on various types of daily miracles described by people that she interviewed.  For example, one of the miracles described was of a businessman that we'll call Dan who traveled regularly by flight from his local airport.  This day, as he was preparing to go to the airport, all sorts of delays occurred such as a phone call that he could not avoid and remembering a clothing item that he forgot.  Finally, he made it to the airport within minutes of his flight leaving.  However, the flight attendant told him that he would not be able to board this particular flight.  Flustered and angry, he obliged and agreed to the next flight available causing him to be late for a meeting that he was scheduled.  He arrived at his destination safe and sound and was even present for the majority of the scheduled meeting. Later to find out that the flight he missed crashed with no survivors.  Dan felt that this was unusual and was ever so grateful for that miracle phone call, missing clothing item, and the flight attendant.  This is no attempt to influence you that miracles do exist, but rather a reminder that people have experiences everyday that are unexplainable.  Don't forget the old Christmas movie "Miracle on 34th Street (1947), in which the assumed miracle was being able to hire a new genuine "Kris Kringle" on the spot after finding the usual Santa in a drunken stupor.  Later to find out that "Kris Kringle" really believed that he was Santa leading to a threat of institutionalization, but it was avoided due to an attorney who took the liberty to defend him in court claiming that there is definitely "something special about him" that cannot be explained or put into words.  This example is fiction, but these types of things are reported to happen day to day.  Those in healthcare, police officers, firefighters, and religious officiants experience reports of miracles more regularly than most.  No one knows how to make a miracle occur or even when someone might experience one, but we do know that this has been a very difficult phenomenon to research or study over time. Even though you might not be able to describe these proposed miracles, it is still necessary to deal with any emotional and mental aftereffects of this type of experience.   That is how we at All About You Counseling Services can come into the picture – reach out to us as needed.   Always keep your eyes & ears open knowing that you might be right next to a walking miracle yourself this holiday season! 

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