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Satisfaction Guaranteed!!

As customers, you want the best bang for your buck nowadays no matter which business you decide to spend your money with.  Customer service is one of the ways that satisfaction is determined overall with several other qualifying factors.  This topic was determined with several recent encounters when supporting local and national businesses.  Most people encounter good customer service day to day and have experienced poor customer service as well.  This is definitely a determining factor in whether you choose to continue to spend your money with these businesses or not.  

An example of good customer service is a recent experience with a local restaurant, in which the waitress determined that one of the items ordered was not brought out to the table so she quickly retrieved it and decided to remove it from the bill offering the customer the item free of charge.  Exceptional customer service would be a recent visit to a local mechanic repair shop, which the mechanic provided a free estimate on repair work needed while offering the customer a drink while waiting and even determined that it would not be wise to continue to drive the vehicle without adding a predetermined amount of specialty oil to the vehicle as a courtesy.  Both of these businesses will probably elicit continued repeat visits from their customers without a doubt in my opinion.  

When I began my first business years ago, plans to provide exceptional customer service to consumers was a necessity and we did so by guaranteeing 100% satisfaction offering to redo the work orders when a customer was not satisfied at the end of a job.  This definitely elicited repeat customers and referrals from others along the way. This was a good model to follow with All About You Counseling Services as well.  

Let's talk about some examples of poor customer service that come to mind.  One recent experience with a national shipping service tops the list at this time.  This shipping service was not able to deliver the actual packages and items shipped to customers due to reported increase in resignation of employees and employees quitting rapidly.  Instead of notifying or warning the customers, this shipping service determined that returning the packages and items to the sender was the best option causing much chaos and discontent to the customers awaiting delivery.  Once the consumers reported this dissatisfaction to the customer service department of the national shipping service, there were stated plans to provide a remedy to the situation at hand.  However, after more than 3 months, still no solution was offered.  This type of customer service will definitely deter new customers from using this shipping service and prevent current customers from relying on the shipper for important items or packages.

These are just a few examples of customer service experiences that might actually aid you in determining if continuing to use the business overall is a good idea.  I'm sure you have your own experiences that you would like to share.  Please visit us on our social media pages to share your own experiences.  We'd love to hear them and create a dialogue about which businesses you think currently offer 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Add All About You Counseling Services to your list for 100% satisfaction guaranteed.  Give us a call for a prescreening and scheduling today to determine for yourself! 

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