Trina's Tree of Friends

3 Types of Friends

Being a social creature by nature, I have developed my own concept to understand friends throughout the years.  I call it "Trina's Tree of Friends" broken down into 3 different kinds of friends.  In this periodical, I will compare it to T.D. Jakes' 3 types of friends.  The "tree of friends" includes 1)trunks 2)branches & 3)leaves while T.D. Jakes describes them as 1) confidants 2)constituents & 3)comrades.  Trunks are like finding a diamond in the rough. I probably have 3-4 trunks in my life currently.  These trunk friends rarely change over time, but can if necessary.  I keep in constant contact with half of my trunks and the other half are sporadic contacts.  Trunks are definite support in the time of need, loyal, and consistent.  Confidants are very similar in that they are by your side no matter what happens.  Confidants don't judge you, but feed you positivity when necessary and confront you when the need arises.  Uniquely T.D. Jakes says confidants never leave your side.  Branches are the people in life that connect you to your trunks and leaves.  The branches in my life range from lasting short to long periods of time.  They are not as solid as trunks, but definitely have more stability than the leaves.  Branches serve a unique purpose in that they help you feel connected and nourished in your accomplishments/goals just like they do in trees.  Compared to trunks, branches are not hard to find.  They are cumbersome in the world.  Constituents are those friends that are for "what you are for" and are always looking for the next person that meets their agenda according to T.D. Jakes.  Constituents don't mind leaving the relationship just like branches.  They understand that the relationship may only be for a season.  Coming and going repetitively is not unusual for constituents.  Last but not least are the leaves and comrades in our lives.   Leaves are definitely those seasonal friends that help you to reach a specific aim or intention.  They fall out of your life just like they fall off of trees and disappear over time.  Leaves are valuable and resourceful in my life.  Leaves on trees serve the purpose of absorbing energy and water, which is essential to the feeding of the tree. Leaves are easier to meet than branches since you do not have to really know leaves well.  Comrades, in comparison, are definitely expecting to leave after they help you fight the fight and are victorious.  Comrades are not supportive, but selfish and attempting to reach their own goals.  Comrades and constituents are not the friends that you share your dreams with because they might steal them.  True trust should never be a factor in relationships with leaves and comrades.  Now that I have broken down my concept of friends and compared it to T.D. Jakes, I hope that you will be better able to categorize your friends and make choices that benefit all of you.  Happy Friending!! 

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