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Entrepreneur or Entrepreno?  8 Years Ago

Entrepreneurship is a journey - not a destination. Since a child, my parents exposed me to entrepreneurs, who also happened to be family friends.  From the local meat market owner that my father considered his friend to one of the community salon stylists that my mother taught in high school to the local funeral home director, I grew up with successful entrepreneurs all around me. I still remember the first time as a teen that I met the first female psychotherapist that had her own out of state practice.  I thought to myself, "I  can do that." when she gave me a business card.  Not many know that I obtained my first business license in 2005 for something totally unrelated to psychology while I still worked full-time as a counselor.  All the signs pointed in the direction that I was not ready for success at that time. It was a flop - lasted about 6 months, but I was so proud of my accomplishments and preparation for pursuits now.  Eight years ago, I began this journey in private practice - All About You Counseling Services.  My first actual appointment with a client was in July 2010.  We celebrate our anniversary every year in October because this is when I made the first bank deposits as a business and confirmed a solid business plan. My entrepreneurial friends will tell you that I am the first to refer others to them as an act of support so I expected nothing less from them when I began my journey.  Thanks to all of you and the many others who support All About You Counseling Services in whatever way you can since the beginning. Keep on sending us referrals because it's the only way that we'll make it to nine years!   

This journey thus far has not been easy by all means, but prior education, friends and family, entrepreneurial peers, a number of mentors, the Chamber  of Commerce along with the Small Business Administration,  and lots of trainings/workshops keep me confident that I am favored and everything is working out for my good. There have been times, in which I've been shocked by the amount of earning income available and other times where I've realized that therapists don't truly enter into the psychology field due to income alone. I've gained some gray hairs and been concerned about obtaining healthcare benefits,  but learned some wonderful business tricks and trades along the way.  I remember providing a training to a group of one and wondering some weeks whether I was truly in business or not.  I've met some that support my journey as an entrepreneur and other naysayers that doubt that private practice was a good decision at all.  Everyone's entrepreneurial journey is different - some take the stairs, some the escalators, and others take the elevator. Women are growing as entrepreneurs overall in Georgia and around the country according to the picture below.  At a recent fundraiser in the community, I met this business owner -"Lola"- who was providing massages for a small fee.  Based on my interactions with her as well as the relaxing feeling I got while receiving a massage, I've chosen to highlight her business and encourage others to support her journey as an entrepreneur.   Someone did it for me so I'll pay it forward as often as I can.  It really is true that if what you do daily does not feel like work, it probably is meant to be.  Entrepreneurship is not for everyone by all means, but success is inevitable if your passion and gift is undeniable.  My 8 years of this journey are certainly a testament that "You can do this! Don't ever give up!" Make changes along the way, but don't stop the journey."      


Here are some very recent facts about entreneurship and women in business.  
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