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Think about it.  If you knew that a car had no brakes or power steering, would you still drive the car?  You would probably rely on a good mechanic to repair the car before taking it on the road.  This is the way that we should think about life because we gain more from our life using coping skills and strategies daily to deal with our stressors than we do trying to handle it on our own not using coping skills.  There are a large number of skills that might reduce stressors over extensive periods of time including relaxation methods, trusting in a close confidante, prayer, and enjoyable activities including exercising. The quote about stress above sums it up in a nutshell.  If you never attempt to manage your daily stressors (trash) effectively, it will literally KILL you.  Most people desire to live a full and healthy life. Most would not choose purposely to live with a murderer (STRESS).  You would not open the door of your home to let your killer in knowingly.  

There are so many stressors when you think about it.  Every person defines stress differently. What stresses you may not stress your spouse.  What I consider stress may not be labeled stress to you.  We definitely cannot avoid stressors by a long shot as humans, but we are able to decide how to deal with our stressors to determine how much they will impact us and those closest to us.  When you realize that you are about to explode regarding the amount of stress that you deal with regularly, take some time alone for you to release the negative energy that stress places on you.  Every person has coping strategies that help them to maintain their quality of life when stressors increase.  If you haven't identified yours yet, feel free to reach out to us at All About You Counseling Services! 

There is one thing for certain- although stress is not a medical condition, it can easily develop into tragic medical complications including high blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks, ulcers, migraines, abdominal distress, obesity, and a variety of other medical diagnoses according to most doctors.  It definitely has been identified as the culprit and cause of many mental illnesses over time as well.  Suicide is another fatal result of unmanageable stressors in life.  The reason for writing this periodical is to heighten your awareness and insight about this silent KILLER.  Take heed and make changes in your day to day routines if you desire to live longer. As Dr. Phil always says, "You only have control of you."  If you are not sure how to make this necessary adjustment in your life, we can help you at All About You Counseling Services!

Just to get you started with handling your day to day stressors prior to coming to see us at All About You Counseling Services!  
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