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                              Loyal Liars

As Pinocchio taught us in the movie, bad things happen when we lie to others.  I really hate when people lie when they don't have to or become what I call "professional liars". We have all told one lie or another over our lifetime, but a "little white lie" is totally different than someone being a "professional liar".  There are times when lying is helpful or serves a positive purpose.  Yesterday while at my homeowner's association meeting, I lied to one of my new neighbors telling her "It's okay" after she knocked my belongings down for the third time.  Why did I do it?  It was to prevent any ill feelings, make my new neighbor feel welcomed to the community, and not cause a disruptive scene during the meeting.  "Little white lies" are approved in my opinion to prevent any further complications, protect others and self, along with avoidance of showing all your cards to your opponents.  So lying does serve a purpose at times.  When you do not care whether your lying is serving a purpose or not and whether it will be beneficial over time, it usually hurts others rather than helping them. I believe that "professional liars" are acting from emotions of "hurt, survival, and exasperation" that are usually in their own best interest. So ask yourself the next time your open your mouth to lie,Is this beneficial now and over time for myself or someone else and/or are my lies hurting others?  If the answers are No and Yes respectively, then regroup and take a different route away from Liarville!   


    Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and     
            what you do are in harmony! ~ Mahatmi Gandhi~

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