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Welcome back <<First Name>>! We hope you’ve had a restful break to recuperate after Semester 1 and are fired up and ready to go for Semester 2. Regardless of your results, whether they made you cry in happiness or sadness, it’s time to get right back into it. To start off Semester 2 with a bang, we’ll be introducing all the different functions of WIRED, what they do and who they’re made up of.

Meet the General Committee
First up with the General Committee, the moguls. Made up of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and General Representative, these people keep WIRED up and running and everything that WIRED does happens with their approval. WIRED would not be where it is today without their contributions and all of their effort and hard work. They represent WIRED not only to the student body, but also to sponsors, other clubs, universities or any other bodies.

Gavin Douch - President of WIRED

Hi WIRED-ians, I’m the President of WIRED. I started at Monash in 2020, suffered through the iso, and resolved to help improve the Monash IT experience by joining the WIRED committee; firstly I was the Secretary, and then I became the President. I study the Bachelor of Computer Science with a specialisation in Advanced Computer Science, a course that I love because it combines my two favourite things: programming and maths. When I’m not working on WIRED, I like to feed my coding obsession by making apps and websites, and learning new programmer-y things.

Vibhas Kamal Vice President of WIRED

Hello there, I’m Vibhas and I am the Vice President of WIRED. I started off as a Secretary in 2020 and took on the role of Vice President in 2021. Interested in IT, business, and music, I’ve spent a lot of time sifting through Youtube and Spotify to find the best playlists to complete my assignments to (ended up making a couple of my own). My reason for joining WIRED was to help make IT more accessible and seem like a ‘cool’ career path. My day-to-day involves overseeing the subcommittees and solving any blockers that the team members might be facing.

Kanako Bouyer Secretary of WIRED

Hi! I’m Kanako and I’m the Secretary of WIRED. I’m a third-year student studying a Bachelor of Information Technology, and currently majoring in Interactive Media. My role as secretary involves organising & keeping records of meetings and doing administrative work. I joined WIRED so that I could provide IT students a fun and meaningful uni-life through social and academic events.

Aaron Chao - Treasurer of WIRED

Hi all, I’m the Treasurer of WIRED. I manage the club’s finances and budgets to ensure we have enough money to keep running events! In my first year (2019), WIRED’s events made my jaffy year, mostly through social events and connecting with like-minded IT students. I joined WIRED to share this magic with future students and ensure that IT students get off their computers every once in a while :)

Ryhan Joshi - General representative of WIRED

Hi there, I’m Ryhan Joshi and I am a general representative of WIRED. I joined the club at the start of 2021 (round about the time I joined Monash) and I am currently studying the Bachelor of Commerce and Computer Science. My motivation to study Computer Science has been to tap into the workings of the digital world and to accustom myself to the unlimited possibilities that this industry has to offer. At WIRED, I help with the organisation and facilitation of events and provide general support in relation to the everyday undertakings of the club. My reason for joining WIRED is to promote IT in a manner that is enjoyable and accessible to everyone.

Keaton Tang General Representative for WIRED

Hey! I’m Keaton and I’m your General Representative for WIRED in 2021. I joined WIRED in 2020 in hopes that I could be a part of a community that can share valuable insights on the IT industry, job searching, and navigating student life. Shoot me a message on LinkedIn if you’re curious about my experiences with WIRED, software engineering, or being a kiwi overseas and I’d be happy to help!

Job Opportunities


Time to stand out from the crowd and become an ACS Victoria Student Ambassador

Through this program, ACS Victoria helps students to increase their understanding of the ICT industry, key issues and technology trends and to prepare for life after university.

Students will gain new skills and recognition for volunteer positions, creating a perfect gateway into the workforce that will make the individual stand out from the crowd once they complete their studies. 

If you are looking for the opportunity to be involved in ACS Victoria industry initiatives and to be seen as a leader, don’t miss your chance to become a student ambassador.

Helpdesk & IT Support Officer - Casual

Are you skilled in both the hardware and software aspects of IT? Good at troubleshooting and sticking to deadlines? Consider applying! 

Offered by Forethought, a marketing advisory, insights and analytics consultancy, the job involves IT network administration, the maintenance and use of computer, networks, and telecommunications systems within the company.

You’ll gain valuable IT experience at working in IT within a corporate environment, be able to receive first hand knowledge from other experienced IT professionals and access to high tech equipment and gear to learn and play with. 

Currently, you’ll be required to be regularly available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

For more information, click here.
QWERTY now has a dedicated section for memes! Feel free to send your favourite memes in the WIRED discord to get it featured here.

What would you be most interested to see in the future of WIRED?
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 Trivia nights
 Social events
 Information nights
 None of the above
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