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Illinois Institute of Art Chicago- Chicago, IL

Various spaces of the college campus were renovated to accommodate a new culinary program and video studio. The school offers state of the art equipment to students and provides a prime learning environment. Photograph courtesy of Daniel Broten Photography.


Quick Service Restaurant (BigWig)- Prototype

BigWig prototype is a 2,000 sq. ft. conceptual restaurant. It would primarily serve burritos and tacos. The design incorporates a minimalist approach taking advantage of the natural properties of common materials.      

Cozy Corner Restaurant- Chicago, IL

Cozy Corner has expanded their existing restaurant. The new restaurant totals 4,000 sq. ft. with new expanded booth seating and a sit down counter with a sales counter. The restaurant was designed to feel cozy as if eating at your grandparents’ house per the restaurant’s namesake. 


ILIC Dining Lab- Chicago, IL

 This 905 sq. ft. dining lab was designed to give students a real world experience in the culinary arts. The lab is open for outside diners to experience gourmet cooking. Photograph courtesy of Daniel Broten Photography.

Retail Center- Chicago, IL

A three-tenant retail center with tenant build-outs was recently completed by AKA. The tenants range from a 1,000 sq. ft. chicken wings restaurant to 2,000 sq. ft. coffee shop. 

Westwood College- Atlanta, GA

An approximately 40,000+ sq. ft. college campus was designed inside this existing high profile commercial building. Modern technology and smart boards were implemented to give students a cutting edge learning experience.

Dunkin Donuts- Schaumburg, IL

AKA has recently completed this Dunkin Donuts Coffee shop in the Woodfield Shopping Center. Many design features of a typical Dunkin Donuts interior were incorporated into the exterior of this shop including the use of floor tile on the walls and images of the brand. 

Regulatory Updates which Matter to You and Your Projects:

  • Many communities are now requiring restaurant projects to have sprinkler systems. Please make sure that your budget adequately includes the cost of fire suppression and fire alarm systems.
  • The City of Chicago has a new building commissioner. Felicia Davis has taken over the building department and has promised to streamline the permitting process. We expect to move Chicago building permits faster.
  • Healthcare facilities and ambulatory surgery centers (ASC) have more stringent building code requirements when payments are accepted from medicare and medicaid. Before rolling out projects please talk to your administrative director regarding the services offered and procedures.
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