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Cooler Sleeping Environment Has Added Health Benefits

With the cooler weather approaching, it will become easier to “cool” your sleeping environment, and recent research shows there are added benefits to sleeping in a cool environment besides more restful sleep.

Researchers recently published a study in June issue of Diabetes:

This study looked at the physiological effects on the human body when the sleeping environment was changed. Researchers affiliated with the National Institutes of Health persuaded five healthy young male volunteers to sleep in climate-controlled chambers at the N.I.H. for four months. The men went about their normal lives during the days, and then returned at 8 pm every evening.  All meals, including lunch, were provided, to keep their caloric intakes constant. They slept in hospital scrubs under light sheets.

For the first month, the researchers kept the bedrooms at 75 degrees, considered a neutral temperature that would not prompt moderating responses from the body. The next month, the bedrooms were cooled to 66 degrees, a temperature that the researchers expected might stimulate brown-fat activity (but not shivering, which usually begins at more frigid temperatures). The following month, the bedrooms were reset to 75 degrees, to undo any effects from the chillier room, and for the last month, the sleeping temperature was a balmy 81 degrees. Throughout, the subjects’ blood-sugar and insulin levels and daily caloric expenditures were tracked; after each month, the amount of brown fat was measured..(Continue Here)

The Dangers of Antibiotic Dependency

Most people are still unaware of the dangers of antibiotics and the havoc they wreak on our immune systems. Unfortunately, their job of destroying the bad pathogens in our system doesn’t stop there, it continues by also destroying the beneficial gut bacteria that is so crucial to our bodies’ maintaining good health.

Our bodies’ gut flora has an immense impact on our bodies’ functions and overall health, effecting diet, mood, metabolism and so much more. Yes, there are times when taking an antibiotic prescription is just unavoidable based on the infection, but too many people are taking them for minor issues that can be resolved without medication.

Once our immune systems are taken down and become unbalanced, it opens the floods gates to more health problems. Constant colds, flu’s, inflammatory diseases, digestion issues and much more become common and unavoidable.  (Continue Here)

Health Secrets of a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer!

Touring for 40+ years, the band Kiss is the poster band for Rock and Roll.  How do they do it?  How do any of the legendary musicians do it?  Watching Kiss, or Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, or Bill Joel perform for 2+ hour concerts doesn't happen without preparation.  I've learned that the most important factor is their health and fitness.

Last month I had the privilege of providing chiropractic care to Paul Stanley, aka “Starchild”, of Kiss.  I did some “intel” before I arrived at the Xfinity Center to learn more about the the band.  Luckily, I still had my April 2014 issue of Rolling Stone Magazine which had a feature story about the band and their recent induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  (Continue Here)

What Makes Us Different?

We are specialists in getting people out of pain and on with their lives without drugs or surgery. We encourage and motivate our patients to stay healthy with wellness care which keeps them feeling good, maintains their mobility and finds and corrects health problems before they become symptomatic.  This attention slows the damaging effects of aging such as arthritis. We offer the best chiropractic care available, we tell it like it is, and we treat our patients as if they were family. We use a multidisciplinary approach and help our patients achieve their health care goals as quickly as possible.

Dr. Thomas Ball                               

Bernadette Lehman, Massage Therapist
Dr. Victoria VanNederynen

Dr. Brad Weiss



Testimonials of the Month!


                                -   -   -   -  -   -   -   -   -   -

I have been a patient of Dr. Brad Weiss for about four months.  Previously, I had been treated by many chiropractic physicians over a period of at least 30 years with more or less positive results.  However, with advancing age, I was experiencing a disconcerting loss of function which the physicians and physical therapists that were treating me seemed unable to deal with effectively or at all.  I had heard of Dr. Weiss from my son who is an outstanding athlete and long-time patient of his, so it was with an attitude of cautious optimism that I entered into treatment with Dr. Weiss.

From my first appointment, it was clear that Dr. Weiss is an unusually versatile and talented physician who effectively combines traditional chiropractic techniques with Active Release Therapy, and is as a master of both. Since beginning treatment, I have gained increasing strength and flexibility , and the aches and pains that I feared would plague me for the rest of my life (and that other therapists were unable to treat effectively) have gradually diminished or essentially disappeared. I have also learned many self-help techniques (small ball muscles release, foam rolling, stretches and strengthening exercises) that I enjoy practicing at home. I would unhesitatingly recommend Dr. Weiss, and my only regret is that I did not meet and enter into treatment with him much sooner than I did.
                                                                               Keith. A. Klinedinst



Backstage Care:


Dr. Weiss with Paul Stanley of Kiss, at the Xfinity Center, August 1, 2014



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