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"A Second Chance at Life"

     Everyone suffers pain once in a while, but 16 years ago I went from a normal above average health triathlon runner to barely being able to walk with severe pain, in a matter of six short months after suffering a severe stomach virus. 
     After months of tests, it appeared that I had acquired an illness that affects my musculoskeletal, tendons, ligaments with chronic inflammation caused by an autoimmune disease that progresses into arthritis in my joints.  There is no known cure.  And treatment via medication is only to slow the progression.  Eventually I was prescribed arm crutches and a wheelchair to help on the worst days.  There is no medication for the chronic pain except ibuprofen.  Traditional chiropractic and massage therapy were my only methods to manage my pain.  I found myself going 3-4 times a week just to stay sane from the pain. And eventually the ibuprofen caused an ulcer, my previous pain management course was ineffective. 
     Then I found Dr. Weiss and Dr. Ball from Performance Health Center in Natick, MA.  I came to try the ART therapy. I came in on my crutches and tightened slouch from years of illness progression.  And I left straight up and crutch-less on the first visit. I was amazed at the results. Of course my illness is chronic and everyday attacks the muscles, ligaments and tendons so it’s a constant work in progress for my body. But after 14 years of debilitating pain and long term muscle dysfunction to have the full elimination of the sciatica nerve pain down my leg be totally gone, eliminate chronic shoulder tendonitis, elbow and knee tendonitis – completely gone! And to eliminate my arm crutch usage for around my house and short trips to the store etc. – priceless! 
     My quality of life has improved significantly – my pain levels have been dramatically reduced as long as I receive routine ART therapy treatments from Dr. Weiss and Dr. Ball. 
     What is frustrating, is that not one of my 9 routine doctors ever suggested ART therapy to me earlier in life. I’ve learned from 16 years experience in the medical world – you are responsible for your own long term pain relief – and I’ve finally found it!  I’ve referred several friends to this practice for long term isolated pain issues and they all were amazed how it eliminated the pain issue. 
     Like I said, thanks to Dr. Ball and Dr. Weiss I have a second chance at a real life. 
     For those that have muscle, ligament, tendon or joint pain – you’re a fool not to try ART therapy at Performance Health Center.  It is sustainable treatment and works. I’ve had almost every body area worked head to toe and it worked for every one of the issues. Simply amazing! One simple visit – and you will know the difference immediately!  Make the call it’s the real deal! 
    This is one of the greatest blessings I received in life! Thank you Dr. Ball and Dr. Weiss! 
Yours truly, 
Patsy M.

Why Suffer with Low Back Pain?

I hope you have already read “A Second Chance in Life”. (See above).  It is truly a remarkable testimonial and the doctors at Performance Health Center are overjoyed at Patsy’s remarkable recovery after using crutches for so many years.

As remarkable as Patsy’s response was to chiropractic are, on a daily basis we  are helping people who are suffering with disabling pain syndromes and getting them out of pain and back to enjoying their lives

Low back pain (LBP) is the number one cause of disability in the United States and in the developed world.  It is the number 2 reason why people visit their Primary Care Physician (PCPs) after the common cold.  Unless you or a loved one is suffering from LBP, you can’t imagine how LBP can effects your life.   Everything from getting a good night’s sleep, to getting dressed, to sitting and driving, to working (whether your sit, or do physical labor) is effected, and that doesn’t include the emotional stress it puts on the whole family.

Here is the true story of a typical LBP patient who walks (and sometimes crawls ) into our office almost every day.  (Read More)



Got Muscle Cramps?

Summer heat and humidity are now at their peak, and with that I have recently had many patients ask me what they should do to prevent muscle cramping to occur.  First of all it helps to know what is causing these cramps to occur.

Causes: Muscle cramps can be caused by many things.

1). Electrolyte or mineral depletion or imbalances.  (see below for more on this).

2). Muscle fatigue- which can be either from overexertion or from holding a static position for an extended period of time.  Remember to take breaks from prolonged sitting at your computer or from a long drive.  If you are exercising in the heat and humidity decrease your intensity and or your duration.

3). Dehydration- see Dr. VanNederynen’s blog from last July 2015 as this topic was very well addressed there.

4). Some medications may cause muscle cramping as a side effect- usually because these medications either dehydrate you or throw off your electrolyte balance.

5). Inadequate blood supply.  People with poor circulation or narrowing of their arteries are more susceptible to muscle cramps.

6). Nerve compression- compression of nerves in your spine can also produce muscle cramps and/or cramping like pain in your extremities.

Most cramps are usually a combination of the top three.  Being physically active in this hot and humid weather can often result in cramping as we lose a lot of electrolytes, dehydrate, and become fatigued. (Read More).




Testimonials of the Month!

From Grammy Award Winners- The Pentatonix!!!




"A Second Chance at Life"
In the Top of the Left Hand Column
(a remarkably moving testimonial)

Dear Dr. Ball, 
   Just a quick note of thanks for all of your patience, hard work and expertise.  I have been working on coming back from a difficult foot injury that I sustained this past winter and with your help I am back to full training and feeling great!  I really appreciate the personalized care and the attention to detail that you bring to each session. 
   I also wanted to thank the whole office staff for all of their smiles, flexibility and care in making sure I can always get in for an appointment regardless of how busy your office becomes. It is service and attention like this that keeps me coming back and recommending your office to others. You are a great team! 
Pete Della Bella 

My Chiropractic Experience:
   I came in to see Dr. Weiss principally for my neck.  I have a so-called military neck, which is a condition where the natural curvature of the neck is absent.  The cause of this condition is unknown.  It was said may be due to mal-posture over long period of time, chronic tension of neck muscles, or inborn structure.  There wasn't any pain in particular, though at times my head felt heavy and other people noticed my head shakes slightly sometimes, that I have associated to when I am more stressed or tired.
   I started seeing Dr. Weiss three times in one week, then twice per week for a while, then, once a week for several months.  I've notice very early on of treatment course, that my neck is so much looser, and I was able to sleep deeper and sounder due to more comfortable positioning of my head.  In time, my mother noticed that my head doesn't shake anymore, which is very comforting to me.  I don't want people to see me shaking my head mistaken for disagreeing nature of my countenance.  So Dr. Weiss saved my social impression as well as improved my quality of life, that I am very grateful for.
Li Hsu, Acupuncturist

I have been a patient of Dr. Weiss for almost 8 years now. He is the best at what he does. He is extremely accommodating and has squeezed me in on short notice many times. His office staff is very friendly and welcoming. Dr. Weiss has treated me for so much more than just a bad back. He has helped me with a sore neck, elbow tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. I highly recommend Performance Health Center for all your chiropractic needs.
Charles Brenner

   Dr. Weiss and the staff at Performance Health Center are fantastic. I visit Dr. Brad every year before the Busa Bushwhack race to get me in prime condition.
   His knowledge and use of ART technology is something few chiropractors can offer, and this makes him stand out among the rest. He understands the needs of every body type; from the active athletes to the sedentary office workers, and offers results for all his clients! "
Melissa Murphy

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If you would like to write or make a video testimonial about your experience at Performance Health us a written testimonial, make a video in your favorite location or doing your favorite sport and email it to us, OR just ask while you are in the office and we'll record your video!  Thanks!!!

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