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Spring Cycling Safety Tips

After a really long cold and snowy winter, cyclists are chomping at the bit to get back out on the road.  Along with the long cold and snowy winter comes lots and lots of potholes, and some of these are ginormous!  Keep in mind these safety tips when venturing back out onto your local roads.

Make sure your bike is in good working condition-sitting in a cold garage all winter your tires may have gotten dry and brittle, your drive train (chain and cassette) probably need a thorough degreasing and re-lubing.  Inspect your frame for any cracks and check your brake levers and pads to be sure they are working properly (Read More)



The Taper

With the Boston Marathon fast approaching, many of you are on point for your training with just a few weeks left. A key component that many overlook or misjudged is the taper. Tapering is important so that your body can be properly rested in order to maximize its true potential. For more “traditional” marathon training programs, tapering starts about 3 weeks out from race day and mileage diminishes each week until the day of the race. Many feel they are not doing enough or are afraid of losing their aerobic capacity, and end up overdoing mileage during this time frame, which costs them on race day.   

Be sure to stick to YOUR plan that you've had in place for the past few months, and stick to the tapering schedule that's associated with it. Make sure to continue with your "maintenance" as well to take care of your finely tuned race machine, whether it scheduled chiropractic visits, stretching, foam rolling and/or therapeutic massage. All of these play an important role in keeping your body healthy and at its peak performance to allow you to fully tap its capabilities on race day.
Stay hydrated as well during this last stretch, stay healthy and don't overdue the taper weeks.
Good luck on race day!



But I Thought I Had a Healthy Spine…

Last month I met a new patient, an active 55 year old man (like me).  For 3 months he was experiencing electric like pains in his left leg from just below his knee to the ankle.  The electric sensation was random, but happened more frequently when he sat or was sedentary.  Otherwise he said he had no other  health problems and was fit from a consistent exercise program.  Prior to his appointment, he had tried a few other types of medical treatment without benefit.

His exam demonstrated very restricted low back (lumbar) range of motion, especially in extension.  All his reflexes and sensations were normal.  The only other positive finding was sciatic nerve entrapment which was revealed doing a functional stress test. The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body.  It starts in the brain, travels down the spinal cord, exits your spine form 5 levels in the low back and sacral area, forms a plexus (or bundle) that is as thick as your thumb as it goes through your butt (more specifically under the piriformis muscle) and then goes all the way down your leg to the toes.(Read More).




Congratulations to Our Own
Dr. Ball for Being Named the Top Ranked Northeast Region Aquabike Athlete for 2014
by USA Triathlon !!!  


Our Patients Are Winners!!!!

Congratulations to
Celia Lemieux


1st Place All Around
Level 5, 10 Year Old Junior Division
Mass USA Gymnastics State Championship

Testimonials of the Month!




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If you would like to write or make a video testimonial about your experience at Performance Health us a written testimonial, make a video in your favorite location or doing your favorite sport and email it to us, OR just ask while you are in the office and we'll record your video!  Thanks!!!


Boston Marathon 2015

As is Our Tradition, We will Be on the Boston Marathon Route to Provide Moral and if Necessary Physical Support to All Our Patients That Are Running. 
Dr. Ball will be in Natick at Mile Marker 10 in Front of the Natick Library. 
Dr. Weiss Will Be in Newton at Mile Marker 10.2 just before Irving Street. 
For More Info Open Our Flyer Here

Dr. Ball's NEW Workshop:

Postural Restoration Using a Stability Ball 

Tuesday April 21st, 2015, 6:30-7:30 pm
Call to Reserve Your Space, Limited to 5


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What Makes Us Different?

We are specialists in getting people out of pain and on with their lives without drugs or surgery. We encourage and motivate our patients to stay healthy with wellness care which keeps them feeling good, maintains their mobility and finds and corrects health problems before they become symptomatic.  This attention slows the damaging effects of aging such as arthritis. We offer the best chiropractic care available, we tell it like it is, and we treat our patients as if they were family. We use a multidisciplinary approach and help our patients achieve their health care goals as quickly as possible.

Dr. Thomas Ball                               

Bernadette Lehman, Massage Therapist
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