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Does Ice Delay Healing? Where and When Should You Use Ice?

The author Dr. Gabe Mirkin of one of my favorite book, Sportsmedicine, recently posted information on his website about some recent research that indicates that there are times when ice actually delays the healing process.  This is the Dr. Mirkin who is the Physician that coined the term “R.I.C.E.” in 1978, which stands for Rest; Ice; Compression; and Elevation, that millions of health care practitioners and patients have followed ever since.

Be careful how and where you use ice to treat injuries and/or pain. There is recent evidence that ice may actually delay the healing process by reducing inflammation.  Reducing inflammation does reduce pressure on nerves and does therefore reduce pain, but it also may prevent some of the “healing” effects of the natural inflammatory response.

Let’s take a look at inflammation- there are times when inflammation is helpful to our bodies, and there are times when it is detrimental. It should be remembered that inflammation is part of the healing process. Sometimes reducing inflammation is necessary, but not always. Inflammation is the body’s attempt at self-protection to remove harmful stimuli and begin the healing process. Inflammation is part of the body’s immune response.

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Your Post-Race Recovery and Body Maintenance

This year, athletes experienced some of the most challenging weather conditions for the Boston Marathon, with the swirling head winds and constant rain topped by cooler than normal temperatures. These conditions all stacked against the athletes, but you all fought through this and persevered! We at Performance Health Center are so proud of all of you!

Now that the race has ended, the post-race recovery time frame is key to building your body back up, whether it is to race again this year, or just for your everyday exercise and activity routine. This time period is crucial in repairing damaged muscle tissue and preventing injuries. Your diet will play a key role in this, providing the body with the essential nutrients needed for repairing and rebuilding muscle tissue. Many athletes feel that they can eat whatever they want after a race, and this really is NOT the case.  Processed foods and refined sugars can slow your recovery time greatly by increasing the level of inflammation in your body, which is the very thing one tries to decrease post race.  I am not saying not to indulge a little that afternoon or evening after your race, but let it be after that evening.  Along with diet, hydration is a key player as well.  Many athletes work very hard during their training leading up to a race or event to take in adequate amounts of water and electrolytes, then fall off the wagon immediately after their race/event/competition is finished.
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Your Mother Was Wrong( and So Was I)

How many times growing up were you told not to crack your knuckles because it causes arthritis? That is not correct. Studies have shown that people who crack their knuckles statistically have less arthritis than those that don’t. Chances are your mom told you that because the sound was driving her crazy, or because that is what her mother told her. Like most wives’ tales it is a myth that has no legs to stand on.
New research demonstrates what really happens when you crack your knuckles, and I now know that I have been a little wrong on how I’ve been explaining it for the past 30 years. New MRI motion studies of knuckle cracking demonstrate what really happens. All joints are totally encased in a fibrous sac called a joint capsule. Inside the joint capsule is synovial fluid which is a viscus, non-Newtonian liquid which functions to lubricate and reduce friction between the articular cartilage to reduce friction during joint motion. When a joint, is elongated, and it’s volume is expanded, a gas bubble forms. The “cracking” sound occurs the instant that the bubble forms, suggesting that the sound is caused by the gas bubble inflating. For years the accepted wisdom was that the crack happened when the gas bubble either popped or collapsed..(Read More).




Testimonials of the Month!



Dr Weiss,
Thanks so much for everything.  3 weeks before the Boston Marathon I hurt my back.  I could not even sit or sleep comfortably.  Due to your treatment and care, I finished the Boston Marathon in non-ideal weather, feeling strong!  I was even able to walk 8 miles in Disney World the day after the marathon.  You are the greatest!  Thanks
Craig Beasley

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