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EU mobilises an extra €10 million in aid for Philippines

After originally pledging €3 million on Sunday (10 November) to help the disaster relief in the Philippines, EU Development Commissioner Andris Piebalgs announced on Tuesday that an extra €10 million would be available to help with reconstruction.

Piebalgs is on a visit to the country, so has witnessed first hand the destruction that has been wrought by what observers say is the "largest storm in a century."

Currently over 10000 are assumed dead, and with deteriorating security in Tacloban- the city that took the brunt of the damage- it is making it hard for aid workers to deliver their aid effectively.

Beyond humanitarian assistance, Piebalgs said the EU was already making resources available for rehabilitation and reconstruction to ensure that there was a smooth transition from crisis management to rebuilding people's lives.

“We would like to see no gap between the emergency relief and the longer-term actions, and we will work closely with the government and other development partners for this to happen," Piebalgs said.

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EU needs to respond to rise of infectious diseases in Eastern Europe

According to Dr Mario Raviglione, director of the World Health Organization's (WHO) Global Tuberculosis Programme, the EU must react to the increasing rates of Eastern Europeans who are contracting infectious diseases.

Speaking to EurActiv, Dr Raviglione questioned why, at a time when rates of AIDS, HIV and Tuberculosis are all falling in Africa, infection rates and death rates are on the rise in ex-USSR states.

Similarly to Africa, Eastern Europe suffered a Tuberculosis crisis, but unlike Africa, this was not attributed to a rise in HIV infections, but rather to poor socio-economic conditions in the region. As transmission of Tuberculosis can be done through the air, poor living conditions can help the disease spread faster.

However, unlike in Africa, which benefited from a clear strategy plan and appropriate funding, Dr. Raviglione believes that Eastern European and neighbouring countries have not received support in a similar way, and so infection and death rates have continued to rise.

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EU Task Force In Myanmar

The first EU-Myanmar Task Force will take place in Yangon and Nay Pyi Taw, 13-15 November 2013. The aim for the task force is to aid the transition in Myanmar by providing comprehensive support, which will involve bringing together all of the tools and mechanisms – both political and economic (development aid, peace process support, investments) – available to the EU.

High Representative for Foreign Affairs Catherine Ashton will co-chair the task force, alongside Soe Thane, Minister in the President of Myanmar’s Office. EU Development Commissioner Andris Piebalgs will also participate.

Catherine Ashton said: "The European Union is determined to help Myanmar pursue the path of peace, democracy and sustainable development; building up trade and investment, respecting human rights and fundamental freedoms and rebuilding relations with the international community. Under the EU's comprehensive framework for engagement we have lifted sanctions, increased development assistance and reinstated trade preferences. This first meeting of the EU-Myanmar Task Force brings together all of our instruments in order to take our partnership to the next level."

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CONCORD Report: EU Budget 2014-2020 Fit for the Fight Against Global Poverty

At an event in Brussels, CONCORD launched its latest report on the MFF 2014-2020. The event was well attended, with representatives from the Parliament, EEAS and ECDPM on the panel, as well as CONCORD's own Lars Bosselmann.

Watch the video coverage.

Read the report.


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135265 - Convocatoria de propuestas del Proyecto de Apoyo a la Educación Secundaria para la reducción del abandono estudiantil ''PROEDUCA''
 Open » 30/01/2014  Action Grants   Costa Rica   Latin America
135271 - Support to the State and Entity Statistical Institutions, phase VI (BA 12 IB ST 01 R)
 Open » 27/01/2014  Action Grants   Bosnia and Herzegovina   PreAccession Countries / New Member States
135258 - Twinning project ''Strengthening of the standards and metrology sector to the best practice in the EU MS
 Open » 21/01/2014  Action Grants   Moldova   Neighbourhood
135252 - Civil Society Dialogue Between EU And Turkey-III Political Criteria Grant Scheme (CSD-III/PC)
 Open » 23/12/2013  Action Grants   Turkey   PreAccession Countries / New Member States
134906 - Appui au secteur du déminage au Tchad
 Open » 5/02/2014  Action Grants   Chad   Africa, Caribbean and Pacific

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