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APRIL 2016

After a 6 week class, conducted by UC Berkley, a team of volunteers from IFM, a representative from Public Health and myself began the task of creating a nutrition policy for Interfaith Food Ministry. The policy was crafted using information presented in the class, statistics regarding rising health issues in the United States, our own data and experiences from 29 years at IFM and a recently conducted survey of our clients. The IFM board has approved this policy understanding it documents what IFM has been, and is currently doing, as well as gives guidance for future decisions. Our goal, over the next year, is to share more information about this policy, reasons for it’s creation, implications of the policy and any questions you may have.

Come to the IFM volunteer lunch on May 17th for an opportunity to learn more about the policy.

A portion of the policy is printed below. Copies of the policy will be laminated and posted in various locations at IFM and on the IFM website Nutrition Policy.

Sue Van Son
IFM Executive Director


Statement of Purpose:

Interfaith Food Ministry’s (IFM) Vision is, “A community where no one should feel the hurt of hunger.” Our Mission is to “feed the hungry and work to reduce food insecurity in Nevada County. We help sustain health, human dignity and the opportunity for individuals to realize their full potential.” The quality of the food we distribute has a significant impact on the health of our clients, since it represents such a large portion (anywhere from 30% to as much as 80%) of their monthly food intake.

The purpose of the nutrition policy is to guide IFM decisions about the foods to acquire and distribute that will contribute to more healthful diets of our clients, as well as alleviating hunger and food insecurity.

Policy Rational and benefits:

IFM has a history of service to the community, supplying foods to help families in hard times. In recent years, IFM has become concerned about the increasing rates of diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and other serious diet-related diseases affecting our community. This concern is reflected in its Mission Statement.

IFM recognizes the increasing role that our organization plays in providing healthy foods to community members in need. This policy, to procure and distribute food of high nutrition quality, demonstrates to the community that IFM takes its role and responsibility seriously. IFM’s clients need to know that their health and preferences for more nutrient-rich foods are amount the highest considerations in acquiring and distributing fod. To that en in preparing this policy, IFM, in conjunction with Nevada County Public Health Department, conducted a survey of 68 clients the week of February 15, 2016, with nine key informant phone interviews completed the week of February 22, 2016.

This policy provides Board members, committee members, other volunteers and staff with a basis for clear and consistent decision making about the types of foods and beverages they should procure, encourage and priority inter work. It also serves as a tool for management and accountability on moving towards the provision of more healthful foods.

Once again we are overwhelmed by this community and the initiative so many businesses take by giving back, sharing, and generally making this a better place to live.
Big thanks to Dr. Rockwell and The Dental Wellness Center for choosing IFM as the recipient of their community donation program.  $798.20 will go a long way in feeding families in Nevada County.
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