Experience the Grand Slam of Golf in Minnesota's nature.  
Minnesota's Grand Slam of Golf - Grand Rapids, MN
Pokegama Golf Course
Sugarbrook Golf Course

Tip From Chris Brown
(Sugarbrook Manager)

Sand Trap Play

When in a sand trap, feel free to bury your feet in the sand for balance, open your stance, and make sure the ball is at the head of your stance. Strike at the sand under/behind the ball (1-2 inches behind the ball), rather than trying to hit the ball itself. Focus on swinging “to and thru” your stroke and not decelerating on the down-swing. This will send sand spraying, but will ensure that you get some loft and spin on the ball. The ability to loft the ball with backspin out of the trap is crucial in clearing the edge of the bunker and letting your ball “check-up” so you can aggressively go at the pin/hole even from the sand.
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Pokegama Golf Course
Tip from Bob Cahill,
Pokegama Golf Manager

Golf Swing

How’s your golf swing working? If you’re a slicer, your club head is approaching the ball on a too steep/narrow angle. To widen this angle out, turn your hips a bit more on the backswing and have your arms swing a little more around your body and less up and down. Join us for some great summer golf and check out our golf lodging packages online at Not only do we have a super nice golf course, our rates are super nice as well!! It's finally Summer, we welcome you to golf Pokegama!
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Take time this summer to escape the every day life to explore in Minnesota's nature. Grand Rapids is a great place for a Minnesota golf vacation.

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