News from Point Nine Capital – May 2019

Hi <<First Name>>,

Spring is probably the best season in Germany: Biergartens are re-opening, Birkenstocks with socks are fashionable again, and it’s time for our “P9 mini Spring Break”, during which team FOMO1 dominated (without a doubt) team PD1. 🏎🏁

Spring Break 2019 at Point Nine HQ – #TeamFomo1 vs #TeamPD1

But on top of soap box rallies, plenty of other exciting stuff happened at Point Nine, so without further ado let’s dive into the spring edition of our newsletter.


This month our portfolio page is blossoming with two beautiful new investments 🌺🌷.

Our first 🌺 is Laserhub, a B2B marketplace for customized sheet metal parts. Like two 🐝🐝 on a quest for nectar, Pawel and Robin flew to the Neckar valley (AKA Stuttgart), fell in love with Laserhub at first sight, and came back with a sweet addition to the #p9hive.


The second new #p9hive addition is Brightback. Founded by ex-Zendesker Guy Marion and a team of seasoned entrepreneurs, Brightback is on a mission to help subscription-based businesses reduce their churn. They share the same philosophy with us: they consider customers as flowers which need attention and care if you want to see them generate upsales grow, and Brightback is the best SaaS fertilizer. You can trust us. Or Index, which led their $11M Series A a few months after we did the seed round. #fertilizeyourcustomers 🌻🌻🌻

  • We couldn’t be more proud of our friends at Docplanner who raised a HUGE $80M Series E led by One Peak Partners and Goldman Sachs 😍🇵🇱🚀

  • Easter Bunny Greylock dropped a huge $14M egg Series A for Sqreen. Fortunately, it didn’t lead to a chocolate cash indigestion. It’s only the beginning for our security experts, the sky's the limit 🍫🐰.

  • It’s also during spring that young birds leave their nest, like Rollbox, which left Point Nine to fly to Personio. A huge congrats to the team on the acquisition! 🍾

  • It was no April Fool's joke, Tier surpassed a million rides and became the fastest scooter startup to reach that goal. When a scooter startup turns out to be a rocket company. Watch out Elon. 🚀

  • We are used to seeing Chartmogul create new features, but this month they went to the next level and created a whole new product category: Mobile Subscription Analytics!!

  • [SPOILER ALERT] Like Jon Snow and Daenerys from Games of Thrones, Riskmethods and Zurich Investment Group teamed up to protect your supply chain from the Night Walkers and other types of risks. [/SPOILER ALERT]

  • Our favorite heavy-metal band, Metalshub, gave an interview explaining how they’re going to be a worldwide hit.

  • Louis will be at Vivatech on May 15/16th in Paris. He will participate in a panel with some fellow investors to elect the next European (deca)unicorn (icymi we’re mega bullish on European decacorns).

  • Robin will take part in a panel discussion on the pilot purgatory at the Jungle Launch event in Berlin on May 17th.

  • Finance Geek Alert: we are organizing our first ever portfolio CFO Meetup in Berlin on May 23rd.

  • You’ll find many #P9crew members in Paris in June for our CTO event on the 11th as well as for SaaStr Europa on the 12-13. Ping us if you want to meet!


See you next month! 

The Point Nine Crew

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