News from Point Nine Capital – March 2020
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First and foremost, we hope you and your families are well and staying healthy during these turbulent times. The world seems to have turned upside down since our last update at the end of 2019. As countries all over the world shut their borders and go into lockdown, we’d like to share a few initiatives started by #p9family companies to help people deal with the current crisis and, in particular, with the global shift towards remote working. 


With the sudden move to working from home, HR leaders all around the world are in the tough position of setting up new policies from scratch and adapting their companies to go fully digital. In response to this, Factorial has announced an unlimited free trial of its HR suite as long as the crisis lasts.

Loom cut pricing and removed usage limits, making it more accessible to the increasing number of teams working remotely. They have also made Loom totally free for the education sector.

Likewise, PlayPlay is supporting companies by providing its video platform for free for the next month. PlayPlay also added 20 new video templates, specifically designed for internal comms and crisis comms.

Most of Geckoboard's customers use Geckoboard to display dashboards on TVs in their offices. With so many companies being in WFH mode, Geckoboard has made sharing dashboards and mobile access available to all paid plans.

Brightback has created cancel pages and churn tools for any subscription company to use free of charge through the end of the year. These templates include offers to get in touch, pause the account or suspend payment. 

ScreenCloud is developing a new product called ScreenCloud Stories to support employees working from home. Stories will act as a personalized TV channel to keep employees updated on the latest developments within their company. Stay tuned for their launch!

As schools all over the globe shut their doors, teachers and students must transition to remote learning. Showbie is supporting this shift by offering 5 complimentary Showbie Pro and Socrative Pro teacher licenses per school, and 25 complimentary licenses per district through July 2020. So far, they have granted 16,230 licenses across 2,681 schools, amounting to a value of over $1 million.

Brainly suspended all limits on free accounts in the web browser versions, making collaborative learning for students at home more accessible than ever.

For those of you who want to make the most of social isolation and are interested in learning a new language, Preply’s tutoring platform is readily available and supports group and individual classes in 27 languages.

Clio committed $1 million to help law firms navigate the difficulties that lie ahead. Find out more here.

Juro is also making life a little easier for lawyers by offering free plans for the next twelve months, to help teams collaborate remotely on contracts.

Candis is offering a month-long trial period and priority onboarding to help companies set-up digital invoice approval processes.

Likewise, Kaiko is stepping up to support its customers in the crypto space by providing 2 months of free enterprise market data.

As an increasing number of flights are suspended globally, the air freight industry is having to deal with significant capacity constraints. In response to this, has rolled out a Covid-19 dashboard to give freight forwarders a view of airlines’ operating status and freight capacity.

A similar shortage is occurring in the container shipping industry. Thankfully, xChange’s Availability Index is helping shippers deal with this problem by providing them with current and expected container availability globally.

Finally, Confrere continues to operate on the front-line, supporting doctors and patients across Europe with its telemedicine solution. If your doctor doesn’t yet support remote consultations, send them their way! Docplanner is also in the process of rolling out a telemedicine solution to support the crisis. They are currently onboarding 7,000 doctors and will be available for patients as soon as possible.


Revolut raised $500 million in a funding round that values it at over $5.5 billion, making it one of Europe’s most valuable startups. They wasted no time and just launched in the US - we are sure Revolut’s awesome product will be as successful in the US as it is in Europe!

Front put together a stellar $59 million round, led by Sequoia and the founders of Atlassian, Qualtrics, Okta, and Zoom. Talk about an all-star investor list!

Similarly, Tier added another $40 million to its Series B, taking the total round size to over $100 million. On top of that, they’ve just gone multi-modal! With their acquisition of Coop they just added e-mopeds to their product mix. 

Preply, which is seeing record numbers of bookings these days, raised a $10 million Series A led by Hoxton Ventures to continue to scale the largest global online tutoring platform. 

Ever had to deal with terrible tech customer support or buggy chatbots? If so, Mavenoid is here to make things a little easier! They’ve just raised $8M, led by Mosaic Ventures, to help make product support scalable and improve its quality.

Last but not least, Juro (which, as TechCrunch put it, is "using machine learning tech and user-centric design to do for contracts what Typeform does for online form") has raised a $5 million Series A from Union Square Ventures

Congrats to the latest batch of Seed-to-Series-A graduates! 🎊🎉🎈


Christoph wrote a short "Startup PR for Dummies" guide with 11 simple tips that might help you get press coverage.

Wondering why we don’t have an equivalent to Silicon Valley in Berlin? Check out Robin's post about Germany’s fragmented tech landscape here.

For those of you that want a refresher on all things marketplaces, check out Julia’s latest post on Winning Strategies for Service Marketplaces or her post WTF is Marketplace Liquidity?, which was recently featured in a16z’s Required Reading for Marketplace Entrepreneurs.


Meeting in person is going to be tough over the next few months, but don’t worry, we are moving all of our social interactions to the virtual world. 

Next up is our HR Meetup on the 3rd of April! Tune in to hear from HR leaders from the likes of Revolut, Sqreen, OnTruck, Screencloud and Notion Capital.

On the 15th of May, we will be hosting our annual B2B Marketplace Meetup. Sign up here to take part!

Unfortunately, we were unable to make our usual appearance at SaaStr Annual this year. Instead, Christoph turned his talk (From Mice to Whales – 5 Ways to Build a $100 Million SaaS Company) into a webinar. Check out the recording here.

Once again, we wish you all the best during these crazy times! 

Stay safe,

Your Team at Point Nine
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