News from Point Nine Capital – October 2018

Hi <<First Name>>,

We had previously resisted the scooter craze, but this month the investment team finally got infected by the scooter (and bike) fever. Julia and Louis joined TechBikers to bike from Copenhagen to Berlin (400 km in three days, hats off!), while Rodrigo tested an electric scooter in our office. In both cases it didn’t end well: Louis caught a cold (true story), and Rodrigo caught fire when he crashed his scooter in our office (kidding).

(Special effects courtesy of “Christoph Janz FX GmbH”)

Fortunately, the damages were less serious than what the GIF suggests, so we’ll still be able to provide proper chairs and tables to our future new colleagues (yes we’re hiring!):

If you know anyone who’s desparate crazy enough to join a VC who writes newsletters like this, let us know!


Until Elon releases a scooter that drives at near-lightspeed, the most efficient way to hold a meeting is often to do it over video. While video conferences have become an integral part of our daily lives in the tech world, this isn’t yet the case in many (slightly old-school) industries like healthcare or legal. The Confrere team (of fame) is going to change this with a beautifully simple video calling solution that is tailored to the needs of physicians, therapists, lawyers, and other service professionals.

Fun fact: Confrere is based in Oslo, where the winters are so cold that you don’t want to leave your house from November to March. No wonder the vikings like building video conferencing solutions.


Moving on to another slightly old-school industry, we’re equally happy to welcome Metalshub, a metals trading marketplace based in Germany, to the #p9family. While Trump is busy imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum, we’re excited to back a platform that is going to make trade easier and can’t wait to rock the heavy metal industry (literally) together with this “hell of a team”. 🤘🎶🎸🎤🤘


Turns out that all this scooter and bike testing wasn’t just for fun, as we’re super proud to announce our investment in Tier Mobility! Founded by a team of experienced serial entrepreneurs, Tier’s mission is to change urban mobility for good.

Fun fact: Having seen the physical state of Julia and Louis after their 400 km bike ride, we knew right away that an electric scooter has better Product/Market Fit with the Point Nine team.


You thought that’s it? Not so fast, we have one last investment (finally a “one last thing” moment in this newsletter). We’re pumped to announce that Factorial, the Spanish born HR automation tool, AKA the most beautiful way to take care of HR, benefits and payroll, is joining the #p9family.

  • Christoph, Louis, and Rodrigo will go on their annual SaaStock pilgrimage in Dublin on October 15-17. 🙏🍺

  • On November 28, Berlin, we’re co-organizing the Marketplace Conference with P9 alumnus Mathias Ockenfels over at SpeedInvest, Market One Capital and Autotech Ventures.


Whow, busy times! Seeya next month.

Your team at Point Nine  
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