News from Point Nine – September 2021
Hi <<First Name>>,

In the (unlikely) event that you missed it, we recently created a beautiful homage1 to celebrate P9 Family seed-to-unicorn #9. But just a few weeks after we released the video, it was already slightly outdated because, well, oops, they did it again. Damn it, if P9 Family members keep turning into unicorns at this rate, we’ll soon have to hire a full-time video editor.

Joking aside, we couldn’t be happier about unicorn #10 and #11, Algolia and Contentful. Algolia (the leading API-first search-as-a-service provider) and Contentful (the leading API-first content platform) started around the same time and have been on a similar trajectory ever since, so it was fun to see that they announced their unicorn financing rounds on the same day. Huge congrats to Nicolas, Julien, Bernadette, Sascha, Paolo, Steve and everyone else!

A propos congratulations, congrats to Forbes on selecting Chainalysis, Contentful, Mambu and Loom for the Cloud100 list this year. ;-)
For those of you out there who have spent hours (and a lot of money) trying to figure out the ideal video setup for all those Zoom and Whereby meetings, we’ve got a solution for you! We’re thrilled to announce our investment in Detail. Their app makes it 10x easier to look beautiful on video calls get high-quality video. 

One of Detail’s key insights is that the best camera you own is probably the smartphone camera in your pocket. Detail leverages multiple lenses, sensors, and the massive computing power of your phone, to turn it into a high-end camera for video meetings and live streaming. Take a look!

Building on the blockchain is hard, as most of the tools which are available for traditional web development do not yet exist for Web 3.0. The team at Tenderly is creating the building blocks that make smart contract development on the blockchain easier, with particular focus on Ethereum.

Read more about why we’re so excited to back Andrej, Bogdan, Miljan, Nebojsa and the rest of the Tenderly team on their mission to become a critical piece of infrastructure and an enabler for the crypto ecosystem. (BTW: Our friends over at Accel share our excitement – just a few months after the seed round, Tenderly raised a Series A from Accel.)

And just because we wanted to end June well, we welcomed June to the P9 Family. June is an instant analytics software allowing anyone to finally understand how people are using their product. If, like most normal human beings, you’re struggling with Google Analytics, Mixpanel or Amplitude, jump on board and spin up one of June’s templates. As Enzo and Ferruccio, June’s founders, would say “it’s about time to June this”.

Last, but definitely not least, we’re pleased to welcome Gourmey to the P9 Family! Gourmey has created a cell-based alternative to a meat product that — while being loved around the world for its delicious taste — stands for one of the worst excesses of how humans are (mis)treating animals in order to turn them into food: foie gras.

Creating cell-based meat and bringing it to the market is a huge undertaking, but Gourmey’s founders — Nicolas, Victor, and Antoine — have a unique combination of scientific, engineering, product, and brand marketing experience. If you’d like to join them on their mission, check out Gourmey’s open positions here!

Mambu CEO and Co-Founder, Eugene Danilkis talks about his journey from startup to, guess what, unicorn. Take a listen.
Five years after we led their seed round, Chainalysis announced their $100m Series E led by Coatue at a valuation of $4.2bn (officially making it a quadrocorn).
Revolut raised $800 million in a Series E co-led by Softbank and Tiger Global. Our x-icorn nomenclature unfortunately doesn’t have a term for Revolut’s valuation, so let’s try it this way:

🦄🦄🦄   🦄🦄🦄   🦄🦄🦄   🦄🦄🦄
🦄🦄🦄   🦄🦄🦄   🦄🦄🦄   🦄🦄🦄
🦄🦄🦄   🦄🦄🦄   🦄🦄🦄
NexHealth, our latest soonicorn, announced a $31 million Series B led by Josh Buckley. Packy McCormick wrote a great post on NexHealth’s 3-Step Masterplan to Cure Healthcare. If you want to learn more about why we invested in NexHealth two years ago, check out our leaked published investment memo.
Kaiko announced their $24m Series A led by Anthemis alongside Underscore VC. We’re _excited_ about the additional _support_ (and fiat) to advance Kaiko’s mission to become the single source for consolidated digital asset data.
The team at 15Five announced their acquisition of Emplify for $50m, further establishing them as the platform of choice for engagement and performance measurement. Read more about their plans for the future here.
Xeneta cruises from strength to strength and announced a $28.5M Series C to continue building out their air freight rate benchmarking platform and container shipping index.
Armenian P9 Family member SuperAnnotate keeps on accelerating on its mission to democratize computer vision and just raised a $14.5M Series A led by Base10.

Christoph wrote an oddly titled blog post to explain why in SaaS it’s ultimately all about CAC:LTV: The Goldilocks Zone of SaaS Metrics.
Christoph talked to Sifted about what’s coming up in B2B SaaS. (You need to have a Sifted membership to access this piece!)
Have you met our new team member? If not, read more about David here.
That’s all for now folks! Stay safe and healthy,

The P9 Team  🎉

PS: Just when we were about to hit the "send" button in MailChimp, Factorial announced their $80 million monster Tiger Series B. Read how Factorial is building a global SaaS winner from Barcelona, and why you should always listen to your dentist. 

1 To all the millennials here: not a typo, we didn’t mean to write homepage. 😜


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