News from Point Nine Capital – July 2020
Hi <<First Name>>,
Over the last few months of lockdown, the P9 team has been WFH harder than ever, from all over Europe. We’re very much looking forward to the day when we can socially "undistance", but until then, WFH FTW! 

New Investments 🎉

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome our latest #p9family member!

As Louis explains in this post, too many people spend too much time sweating over data labeling challenges in order to help machines see. Time to stop sweating! SuperAnnotate, our first investment in Armenia, helps users annotate images 10x faster. Data annotation is only the first step in SuperAnnotate’s journey, so keep an eye on them as they build key pieces of infrastructure for the next generation of software.


#P9FAMILY News 🗞️
Just because you’re working from home, and wearing pyjamas, doesn’t mean you can’t raise tens of millions of dollars. Congrats to all the #p9family companies that have raised kick-ass financing rounds in the last few weeks and months!

As we move towards a more digital world, it’s even more important for companies to manage and deliver their content effectively across various devices and digital channels. It looks like our friends over at Sapphire Ventures (an existing investor in Contentful as well as an LP in Point Nine) agree, since they led an impressive $80m Series E for the company.

Say it with video! Loom helps people communicate with speed and ease, even when you’re distanced from each other. In the last months, millions of people around the globe have fallen in love with Loom, so it’s no surprise that they raised a $28m round led by Sequoia and Coatue. To find out why we fell in love with Loom more than two years ago, check out Christoph’s love letter post about our seed investment in Loom.

PlayPlay, another (different kind of) video platform, has raised a €10m Series A led by Balderton Capital. Their platform allows communication and marketing teams to produce super high quality video content in minutes. Interested in understanding what went on behind the scenes? Check out Louis’ post on 9 tricks to be “Series A ready” based on PlayPlay’s experience.

Whilst PlayPlay and Loom are making it easier to communicate over video, Qwilr is all about making it easier to communicate on paper. Their tool helps teams create picture-perfect proposals, quotes, client updates and more. Now that we’re all WFH this has become more important than ever and it’s no surprise that our friends down under just secured $10.8m in funding from Airtree and Skip Capital.

Struggling with internal service requests? Guess what, Back’s got your back! Similarly to how Zendesk or Front help you manage all of your front-office requests, Back helps companies manage their, you guessed it, back-office tickets. They just closed a $3.3m seed round from new backer La Famiglia.

News from the Ländle: Stuttgart-based Laserhub continues to rock the heavy sheet metal industry. 🎸They’ve just raised a Series A round led by Acton Capital, to help expand their one-stop-shop for metal across Europe.

Unbounce just got a huge boost, having raised $38.4m in funding. With this fresh capital under their belt, they will continue to help SMEs optimize landing pages and reduce bounce rates. Congrats!

As a result of the crisis, many companies have had to restructure their workforce. Factorial’s HR platform makes life a little easier for these companies by helping them automate and manage payroll, time off and other HR functions. With a $16M Series A led by (Zendesk Series A investor) CRV, Factorial is ready to build the Zendesk of HR!

I know… somuchexcitingnews. Could there possibly be more? Well…

If you are like me and you are pretty sketchy on a scooter, then fear not, Tier takes e-scooter safety to the next level, with the first-ever built-in foldable helmet! 🛴

And the Apple Design Award goes to… Shapr3D! Only 8 out of 4.5 million apps were chosen for their achievement in design, innovation and technology. An amazing accomplishment, well done guys!!! 🏅

The team at Kaiko is continuing to bring crypto out of the woodwork and into the financial mainstream. They just launched the most granular tick-by-tick order book data in the industry. Their data was also used to create the first gold and cryptoasset index now available on Bloomberg and Refinitiv.

Drum roll please… Rodrigo, alumnus and Venture Partner of P9, has launched his new fund, HelloWorld. With HelloWorld, Rodrigo will be backing the next generation of techie founders in Europe at the earliest stages.

From our blogs ✍️

Given all that’s happened in the last few months, many founders have been asking themselves if VCs are still investing. The good news is, they are, and here’s the data to prove it, courtesy of our very own Christoph. 

The popular Netflix doc “Last Dance” highlights what some might say is an unachievable greatness. Robin asks: Are there similarities between Athletes and Founders?  

B2B marketplaces are the talk of the town these days. Julia explores some of the opportunities and challenges this new generation of marketplaces faces and gives us a low down on the ecosystem, with her updated European B2B Marketplace Directory.

Why does P9 focus on a small number of contractual terms when wrapping up a seed round? Tilman shares what he chooses to focus on and where he’s willing to compromise, because it’s all about the upside, right?

P9 hosted its first virtual B2B marketplace meetup with three awesome speakers. Don’t worry if you missed it, Julia put together some of their useful hacks to help build and scale your marketplace as well as a quick post on why we believe virtual events are the future.

Covid19 has triggered a huge change in buying behaviour across the board. Robin talks us through how companies are reassessing their supply chains as a result and why now is an excellent time to build B2B Marketplaces.

⭐️⭐️⭐️ This month, we also welcomed two guest writers to P9 Land. Seth, the Sales Ninja, gave us the rundown on How to Build a Sales Engine ie. how to nail growth at Series A. Julian, our Pricing Pro, gives us some tips on how to unlock the goldmine in his latest post on pricing strategy.

In case you’re still hungry for more marketplace knowledge, we also recently collaborated with Dealroom on their latest report on the next phase of marketplaces. Check it out here!

That’s all for now folks! Stay safe and healthy,

The P9 Team  🎉

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