News from Point Nine Capital – December 2018

Hi <<First Name>>,

What a year here in Point Nine Land! In 2018 we closed 17 new investments (a new record), had one exit and two IPOs, welcomed four new teammates (😘 Lara, Tilman, Julia and Oana) and four new P9 babies, saw two awesome colleagues leave for new adventures (we’ll miss you Jenny and Ricarda 😭), merged our annual SaaS and marketplace founder meetups into a large portfolio summit, published 65+ articles, printed countless SaaS and marketplace napkins, and made fun of the Donald at least one time per month (our biggest achievement).

But enough about us, now it’s time to take off.


This month the Point Nine crew got high, and we’re not speaking about drugs, as we’re thrilled to announce our investment in LIFT, which has just unveiled an electronic vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft that you’ll be able to fly sooner than you might think. The aircraft looks like a large drone with one seat for the pilot, and that pilot could be you or me. How cool is that?  Having seen this amazing video, we wouldn’t be surprised if Matt (LIFT’s founder & CEO) will come by drone to our next Point Nine summit. In any case, we’re truly excited to have them on board.

Keep your seat belt fastened and your tray tables up and locked as the second company to join the #p9family this month is, a booking platform for air freight.’s three captains are not only good old friends of brother Louis, they’re also experienced entrepreneurs who are ready to pilot the company to success. Cabin crew: prepare for take-off. 🛫

  • We are packing our bags and hitting the road - excited to launch the #P9EUTour! Well, for the first stop we actually don’t have to travel, since the first stop of our upcoming event tour is Berlin, where we'll hold a Talent Camp on Tuesday, Jan 22nd. More info will follow soon, so stay tuned.

  • SaaStr Annual 2019 is already around the corner and the Point Nine crew will be there in force (as usual). We’ll also organize a CTO meetup on Monday, Feb 4th. We’ll share more details asap!

Thank you for choosing Point Nine Airlines. We hope you've had a pleasant flight and would be delighted to welcome you on board again soon.

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