News from Point Nine – April 2023
Hi <<First Name>>,

Over the last 18 months, we've been working alongside an AI co-pilot dubbed GPT-vc. GPT-vc has been trained with a staggering amount of data, including over 35,000 startup pitch decks that we've received since starting Point Nine in 2011. The results have been nothing short of amazing. GPT-vc has been a valuable asset to our team, providing us with insights, recommendations, and data-driven analyses that have helped us make better investment decisions and support our portfolio.

As GPT-vc got better and better, Ola had the courage to ask the question which was on everybody’s mind, but no one dared to ask. What if GPT-vc has become a better investor than us? 

After meticulous analysis and frankly, some existential crisis, we have come to the conclusion that GPT-vc has consistently outperformed our human intuition and decision-making skills. 

Therefore, we have decided to replace ourselves with AI.

It's with a heavy heart that we realize our limitations because we really love our jobs. But we believe it would be irresponsible towards our LPs to continue making decisions without fully embracing the AI technology at our disposal. Say goodbye to those pesky human emotions and biases, and hello to pure, unadulterated, data-driven decision-making! ;-)

But don't worry, we're not completely abandoning our human touch! Following a brief transition period starting on April 1, 2023, Point Nine’s former human partners will assume tasks like writing this newsletter, managing our Twitter account, and ensuring that GPT-vc won’t turn the universe into paper clips.

Best regards

Christoph & the P9 Team, with help from GPT-vc

PS: If you want to get to know GPT-vc, click on the chat icon in the bottom right corner of our website.

PPS: Read on to learn about our latest investments (the last human-led ones at P9) and exciting news from the P9 Family!

A warm welcome to five P9 Family members...
Figures is an all-in-one compensation platform updated in real-time, powering improved pay equity. It can be fully integrated with the rest of the HR Tech stack to become the go-to product for HR/People Ops leaders, founders, executives, managers, employees, and candidates regarding compensation. 
Solarize empowers commercial real estate owners to easily manage, measure, bill, report, and pay taxes on locally generated energy. We’re excited to team up with Freddie again!
Vev is building a Business in a Box (BiaB) platform to make the process of starting a business drastically easier for entrepreneurs. Today, barbers, chefs and many others run their daily operations using Vev.
Wikifarmer is a dual product with i) a library of content (articles, videos) promoting agricultural best practices and ii) a B2B marketplace where farmers can create their online shop and promote and sell their products directly to buyers while monitoring market prices. is a cloud first end-to-end platform for owners & operators of renewable power plants. Ampere’s solution helps operators run their business and scale efficiently.
🦄 Unicorn Alert: Factorial raised a $120M Series C led by Atomico.
Mavenoid raised a $30M Series B led by Smedvig Capital.
Workerbase raised a $10M Series A.
Jobber raised a $100M Series D led by General Atlantic.
Riskmethods was acquired by Sphera.
Attio raised a $23.5M Series A led by Redpoint. 
Bearer open sourced their code security scanning tool, check it out on Github here.
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