It's BetaChat Christmas Eve Party time!!
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Guess What? You're not invited this year!
Go fuck yourself!

Just kidding. Well, as long as you're not in pre-school. Because, you know, pre-school is elsewhere.


You know the drill... On the day before Christmas – some people call it Christmas Eve – we'll be playing some quality banter holiday movies on BetaChat TV for you and your family to enjoy. Oh, and we'll also be giving away some cool shit! What's Christmas without some fucking gifts to pass around?

We hope that you'll be able to join us again this year for some awesome fun and some awesome giveaways and prizes. It's Always a Good Time.

WHAT: BetaChat Christmas Eve Event 2015. duh.. are you stupid?
WHERE: #betachat on and obviously.
WHEN: Dec. 24 2015, starting at 4PM 'til around 2AM. (we'll have the giveaway before midnight so you can get to bed before Santa comes)
HOW: The wonderful advances with technology in the 21st century, and cool people like Matthew, who just happened to completely rewrite the back-end of to avoid having the same crashing bullshit we were blessed with last year.
WHY: Because Christmas!
WHO: Everyone but you.

Some Q&A to answer all of your high-quality questions:
Q: Why the fuck do you do this shit every year?
A: Fuck out of here. What would you rather do on Christmas Eve than win some cool shit and watch holiday movies with some of your best friends on? Play with yourself?

Q: I ate a Pringle once.
A: Good.

Q: I'm allergic to fun and I'm still pulling pine needles out of my dick from the Christmas tree three years ago.
A: Yes
Q: What are you giving away?
     -A Kyocera TASKalfa copier with 1 year support contract with Brenden included.
     -One (1) 56khz DSL Modam. (lol spammers)

Q: Really though.
A: We have two sponsors so far this year, at the time of writing this:

     -Noah's giving away a brand new unopened HP Stream 11 (Horizon Blue) (lol yes, it's an HP. Can I get a hoy-yah???) (reference)
     -Noah's also giving away $50 of ZTN Hosting credit to the OnDeck winner come giveaway time. Scores have been reset as of 11/19. Rounds will become more rapid as Christmas Eve approaches. Make sure you remain identified to NickServ.
     -Tim's giving away a $50 Amazon gift card.

Q: Why are you giving away an HP laptop. Isn't HP garbage?
A: Most of their stuff is, but this was relatively inexpensive, and it's quite an okay laptop for the price.

Q: How am I eligible to win the giveaways?
A: You'll need to:
     -Have Voice (+) or Op (@) in #betachat
     -NOT have a network ban in place on the network or a #betachat channel ban.
     -Be a human being.
     -Participate in the festivities in #betachat on Christmas Eve.
Q: Do I really have to participate? And to what level?
A: Yes. If you're not paying attention, you won't win.
Q: I won't be online on Christmas Eve..
A: Sorry! Find a way - even if it's on your mobile device! We've got BetaChat TV mobile-ready as of last year for most devices including Apple ones!
Q: You should change your name back to ZTecNet.
A: Yes.
Q: Will the staff be allowed to participate?
A: Yes. The staff have the same chances of winning as anybody else.
Q: What time will the giveaway be?
A: It's unannounced and completely random. Nobody, not even the staff will know the exact time that the giveaway happens.
Q: Is anybody not permitted to participate in the giveaway?
A: That is a dumb question.

Q: What time is the giveaway?
A: Q: Are you retarded? A: Yes.

Q: Do not hack into my computer ANY more.
A: Good fuckin' riddance.
Q: What if an idiot is chosen?
A: If someone that isn't eligible to win is picked or calls in, another winner will be chosen instantly.
Q: How will the winner be chosen?
A: We'll display a phone number on BetaChat TV for about a minute or so. Call that number as soon as you see it, you'll be put on hold for a few minutes to give everyone a chance to dial in. Wait there, because we'll display a code to dial into your phone in that will connect you with Noah. The first person to put in the code will win that giveaway.

Q: So the person that calls first wins?
A: No. Learn to read, hog wash. For example, if you call in last, but put the code in first, you'll win.
Q: So, the person won't be hilighted when they're chosen as a winner?
A: Nope. This ensures that the winner is participating and actually watching BetaChat TV when the giveaway happens.
Q: Should I highlight the person that's picked as a winner continuously when they're chosen?
A: Obviously not, you dumb twat. You should be hoping that the chosen one is not paying attention or not there, unless you're nice enough to nudge the person.. but we're pretty sure that YOU want to win ;)

Q: Send me nudes.
A: What the fuck?

Q: Should I get salty as fuck if I don't win anything?
A: Fuck out.
If you have any more questions about any of this shit, hit us up in #betachat on And no, we don't mean actually hit us with skid scripts, botnets, and other garbagery. We mean CONTACT us. Thanks.
Cheers & Happy Holidays from all of the BetaChat staff team!!
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