A new studio, new staff, and a newly launched app. It's almost like it's our birthday (and it is!).
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September 28, 2016

+1 More: Welcome, Sean!

We’re pleased to add another talented and friendly face to our team: Sean Durfee. Colorado-raised, Sean came to Vancouver to earn a degree in International Relations, and somewhere along the way started picking up a taste for entrepreneurism, coding, and all things design.

After connecting through our work on bringing back Vancouver Design Week for 2017, the collaboration was too good to not continue.

New Works

The Megaphone App

Mayor Gregor Robertson makes the first official
purchase with the all new Megaphone App

This month we took real satisfaction in launching an iOS and Android app for Megaphone Magazine. The app builds on our Vendor Finder web app from a couple years back, and makes it possible for vendors to now accept cashless payments.

As people carry less cash these days, sales were hurting for the homeless and low-income vendors who sell Megaphone and the Hope in Shadows calendar to help get back on their feet. With the app in readers’ hands, we look forward to seeing their sales recover and thrive.

In Vancouver or Victoria? Get the app, and connect with a Megaphone vendor. You'll be glad you did.


New Studio

We’ve pulled up roots from our beloved Mt. Pleasant digs, and landed up on top of Vancouver’s Little Mountain near Riley Park.

The new space is a step up (though we still need to paint!), and best of all it’s a retail storefront. This was an intentional choice. Too often digital studios virtualize themselves from their communities by working behind nondescript doors.

We went the other direction, and to introduce ourselves to the area, we did a little window decoration that you can see in the photo up top, and added a courtesy bench for passers-by. 

The new address is 4643 Main St. If you’re up by Main and 30th, drop by!

New Thoughts: Snapchat Spectacles

Snapchat announced its first step into wearables with Spectacles, sunglasses that can take up to 10 seconds of video and upload it to Snapchat. What struck us most is the stark contrast with Google Glass. Where Glass was met with widespread discomfort and ridicule, reception has been pretty warm for Spectacles. What’s the difference?

Glass landed as a kind of digital multitool for your face, striving for a totality that made people uncomfortable and was bound to be compromised in almost every way. Moreover, Glass didn’t build on a relatable existing experience, and let’s face it, they looked techie. 

Spectacles do just one thing, take video for Snapchat where only your buddies will see it. The lenses light up when video is being taken, and being sunglasses they’re only really appropriate for use outside, where photography is less bound to cause social friction. They even look sharp (and showing them on stylish models on a colourful, spare website only helps).

Robert Scoble gave Glass its first iconic image.
Did they really have a chance after this?

Spectacles don’t entirely sidestep potential issues with privacy and social norms around photography. We’re pretty sure we’ll see them banned by some venues, but in general Spectacles introduce wearable cameras with playfulness, style, and restraint that Google couldn't find.

Moreover, Snapchat has started to talk about itself as a camera company, which Spectacles fit into very well, and further distance themselves from anxieties around social sharing and privacy. That makes us ask, though, where the heck is Instagram with this sort of thing? The biggest name in digital photography aside from the iPhone hasn't capitalized on the explosion of cheap hardware except for one-off co-brands. It seems a missed opportunity, but maybe they'll 'catch up' like they did with Stories 🙊.

It’s a gold nugget of a case study, and we’ll be watching to see how they're received when they hit the market. 

New Year (for D&S)

This October Denim & Steel hits the five year mark. You might expect a sentimental retrospective, but we’re too busy for such things (or we'd totally inflict that on you).

But we’re never too busy to acknowledge our good fortune in having fantastic clients who let us bring good things into the world.

Thanks for reading and following along with this adventure.

Let's Work Together

We're booked up to November, but not so much that we can't stop to hear about new problems to solve, and maybe offer a bit of advice. If that's what you need, click right this way.
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