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February 2014 Edition
Volume 11 Issue #1
Hi Megan

I have always been a huge fan of the Olympics. The combination of sporting competition and international pride has held my attention for as long as I can remember. Winter Olympics are my favorite. I was able to attend Lake Placid events in 1980.

This year due to the flu, I was “lucky” enough to have the time to watch quite a bit of the athletic coverage this time around. The combination of many stations of coverage, plus social media and our DVR meant I could really enjoy the events when I was up to watching. So it is not a huge surprise that this month’s newsletter emphasizes the power of training and practice.

This month is also two parts – January and February newsletter in one. After a couple of months of temporarily postponing the newsletter, I wanted you to know I was still writing and thinking of you!

Peace and Prosperity,

Organizing for a Full Life

January is national organization month. Beyond fitting in with the new years resolution and ideas of starting over, organizing in the dead of winter makes an otherwise indoor time productive. As you ponder the full circle of life, you may give new meaning to the value of creating a system. Keeping your life simple. This is a good motivation for organizing the majority of your life. If you have a location for your receipts and warranties you save precious time looking for this paperwork on the off chance it is needed.

As we mature, thinking of others may increase our motivation. Someone else must be able to help us if necessary or pick up the pieces, the more it is organized the better. If we do a good job, than we can easily show someone else how we operate. There is no right or wrong way to handle finances. Everyone is unique. Having a system is what makes it doable and sustainable.

Don’t know where to begin? Here are some basic tips on things to organize:
  • List your bank and investment accounts. The account numbers as well as where they are.
  • Keep your will, power of attorney and medical directive handy. And be sure those you have left in charge know that and that they have a copy as well. Don’t have a will? Get one.
  • List your auto deposits or automatic payments. Be sure that you know what they are.
  • Locate your bills and insurances in one handy place.
  • In summary,  leave a paper trail. An easily accessible paper trail for those that you love. That will be a living gift to yourself and a final gift to them.
Most importantly, this is a gift to yourself. You will save time for you. Streamlining the necessities allows more time for fun and spending time with those you love.

Need a little more how to? Check out this video

The Olympics are in the Air

Athletics and the Olympic spirit have much to teach the world of finance. Sports can be similarly compared to building our financial life. After watching all of the events, I find that the patience, the determination and the practice that the athletes put in to being part of the Olympics is inspirational. More so because the intense effort and hope to qualify once every four years. Olympians have a long road to seventeen days of glory.

Personal finance is part of a long run road to life. And along that road, it is the little things that matter. After the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, one athlete won a silver, she was quoted in an interview as saying, “I am a people pleaser. I can see what I have done in the recent past when I should have been training. Going forward I am going to be selfish and take care of myself and my goals. I want the gold in London.”

We all get like that – sway from our goals. We really want to save $200 this month for our son’s education. But our friends are going to a concert and want us to join them. We say just this once and a new habit is not created.

So think of your financial situation as a long run training session. Running is necessary to do a marathon. Every day for months before the event, years if you are training for the Olympics you must run. The long runs take time and commitment. On rainy and cold and sweltering hot days. On days when there are plenty of other things to do. You must run. The same is true for your financial goals. You must keep your vision on the big picture.

The vision is what gives you the fortitude to make sound financial choices every day. To train as a runner, you need to put on the miles. However you must also cross train – there is weight lifting, hill training, swimming and biking. In a runner’s spare time they work on flexibility and stretching.

Similarly, cross training is creating a bit of fun and variety so that you do not get stuck in a rut in your financial life. “Never buying clothes“ or “Never taking a vacation.”  These are alternatives that add stress to your financial life, much like training in only one discipline make your body more prone to injury.

My favorite part of training is resting. But resting one day a week only came from having a regime that was reliable and sticking to it. Then, resting was part of the long-term goal. With your money, this is what you spend on entertainment and for pure pleasure. We all need that as much as we need to be disciplined.
  • As you look at the future, what goals do you want to accomplish?
  • What is going to be your training regime?
  • What is going to be your rest or change from a strict discipline?
Think about it. Create it. Then take action. By the time the next Olympics come around, your financial picture will be a gold medal contender.
C.D. Moriarty is a financial speaker, writer and coach. She is dedicated to empowering others around their money so they can achieve their dreams. She is living her dreams by residing in the Green Mountains and helping others through her work. She can be reached through her website at
(888) 449-8081
PO Box 293, Bristol, VT 05443
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