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November 2013 Edition
Volume 10 Issue #10
Hi Friend

November is the month we all celebrate Thanksgiving.  I think of it as an opportunity to be grateful for all the little and big things in life.  This month is the time to be conscious of how lucky we are and focus on the positive, no matter what else is going on around us.
I discovered the power of Thankfulness on a new level. Gratefulness evolves every day and every moment of the day. The process reminded me to be thankful for many different aspects of life. The newsletter I started two weeks ago, now has evolved to be multilayered. Today I share with you this unfolding. Hoping you will also remember, that life and the people in our day to day world are the most important thing to be grateful for during Thanksgiving.

Peace and Prosperity,

The Basic Building Blocks of Life

Cashing In For Stability

The basics in life are important.  Those who live by the cycle of nature whether farmers or gardeners or hunters or caregivers know the simple things are often the most helpful to sustaining and maintaining life.

Cash is a Basic

As a MoneyPeace philosophy, having Cash is the ultimate basic of a financial life. Cash allows you to buy stock when the market goes down or to get what you want on sale when you want it. 

Long term growth can sputter and stall if we only look at the day to day or week to week progress of our investments.  In a world where the S&P has grown 22% this year, I remember a year it lost 37%. If you were invested, I bet you remember 2008 as well. If you had sufficient cash for your annual needs, you did not have to panic and withdraw your monies.  If you did not have cash, you may have felt much more panicked.

Suggesting that one holds cash in the bank is counter to what many folks out to make money think is the correct approach.  They are picky about returns – a legitimate concern when money markets are garnering less than 0.5%.  However, you need cash to stay invested in the stock market whether the market is up or down.  The cash we have in the bank is our self insurance.
Inflation is a real factor and the reason not to have all your cash in the bank.  Despite the whittling of cash value over the long run due to inflation, some self insurance is necessary. 

Cash is king in my book, because when you have cash:
  • No one needs to approve my using it
  • No forms to fill out to make withdrawals
  • Immediately available to use – no questions asked
Take a page from my book and be sure you have the cash where and when you need it:
  • Keep cash in a savings account
  • Do not keep extra cash in your checking account
  • Do not keep extra cash in your retirement account, unless you are retired
  • Learn more about keeping cash on my video:

Make a plan to build your cash stash and keep it going and growing slowly.  This cash strategy is a practical financial issue and a good behavior habit to have. 

So become an active saver – I know investing is a much more interesting and fun aspect of money.  But with cash can we build a solid foundation.

After all it is only with cash that we can buy that Thanksgiving turkey, the television to watch football and the gas to travel where we want to be.

Life Well Lived is a Treasure

On Saturday, I had the blessing to be present for an experience that transcends cash and moves into our bigger picture of life.  I was one of a handful of family to sit with a woman who had well lived ninety one years.

Just after sunrise on the first day of deer season, my dear mother-in-law, Ivis, passed away.  She was a strong Vermont farm woman who never ceased to give of herself, no matter how much she was already giving.  Nor did she hesitate to share what she had, no matter how little she had herself.  The minister said she was the salt of the earth, doing God’s work out there in the world in her solid way.

What a blessing she was in my life. A South Lincoln treasure full of town history, family history and precious insights.  She was one of the most understated woman I know and yet possessed a regal presence beyond any queen surrounded by pageantry. As I reflect on Thanksgiving Day and this whole month, I can appreciate the value of the basics and having hard earned cash.  Much more, I will value the wise and wonderful woman who I felt honored to have welcomed me into her large family. Life is made of moments. And open homes, open hearts and open arms are the true treasures in our world.

Rest In Peace Ivis.

Happy Thanksgiving to All.
C.D. Moriarty is a financial speaker, writer and coach. She is dedicated to empowering others around their money so they can achieve their dreams. She is living her dreams by residing in the Green Mountains and helping others through her work. She can be reached through her website at
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PO Box 293, Bristol, VT 05443
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