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June 2014 Edition
Volume 11 Issue #5
Hi Friend

As we all ease into summer, enjoy the moments of beauty and warmth. Spend some time on the simple summer pleasures: picnics, an outdoor swim, fresh vegetables. In the process, do not forget the positive aspects of creating MoneyPeace in your life. This month I rerun a newsletter that was popular several years ago.

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Peace and Prosperity,

Financial Freedom: Watch Your Language

"Let Freedom Ring!"

We all associate our country’s freedom with that phrase. The ringing of bells symbolizes freedom in this country. So does some of the most famous songs – our national anthem and "America the Beautiful." Sound touches something deep inside us.

What we hear impacts us greatly, not just as Americans but also as human beings. Words get into our psyche and become a part of us. With repetition, we can begin to believe anything we hear.

Money attitudes, as with most issues, are created by what we habitually hear. To truly know your money self, pay attention to what you hear on the job, at home, while out with friends. There is often a tendency to focus on the negative and we share our complaints to build camaraderie. We are suffering from language problems around money. Change your language if you want to change your money attitudes.

The phrase "I cannot afford..." should be the first to go from your lingo. With this phrase in use, there is no way to allow freedom to ring. It encourages folks to use lack of money as an excuse to not act. Saying "I cannot afford" takes the responsibility away from the speaker and therefore takes their power of choice away.

You can afford to live how you want within reason. What you are doing, what all of us are doing is making choices based on our resources and experience. Begin saying, "I choose not to" or "That is not a financial priority." This demonstrates your involvement in the decision. On the other hand, "I cannot afford" shifts responsibility. The speaker becomes a victim, using the phrase as a rationale - it is beyond my control, implying you have nothing to do with it.  

Making the effort to use language that insures ownership and responsibility around money is what is important. Positive language changes our attitude around money when heard often enough.

What you are doing, what everyone does, is making choices based on our resources and experience. Simply shifting to saying, "I choose not to" or "That is not a financial priority" demonstrates your involvement in the decision. You are making the choices. You are not a victim to your financial circumstances. You can afford to live how you want within reason.

If you decide to get a more expensive house with a larger mortgage and maintenance expenses, then you may not have as much discretionary income to spend on vacations, clothes, or a big screen television. It does not mean that you cannot afford the big screen television, it simply means that you have spent your money elsewhere.

All of us make decisions of this type everyday - specific to our lifestyle choices. These decisions are based on priorities and values and experience. Our decisions reflect what is important to us.

In this time of celebrating our political freedoms, create your own financial freedom month. This summer focus on the positive. Pay attention to what words are all around you. See what you can learn from watching yourself and shifting the sounds of your language. Here are the steps along the path to freedom:

1. Pay Attention to the Words You Use:

Ask yourself: How are you regularly talking about money? What words do you use? Are you consistently telling your children that we cannot afford this or that? Are you regularly complaining to your friends that you do not get paid enough, reinforcing a negative financial attitude? Next time you hear yourself, catch yourself,pause before continuing. Think about what you really want to say. Then, overtime you may stop yourself before you get started. The goal is to stop totally with the negative financial comments.

2. Focus on the Positive:

When you are trying to make a change, it is important to replace the habit with something positive. Your goal is to start talking more positively about money. Being positive may mean displaying gratitude for your weekly paycheck, looking at the checkbook as partially full rather than dwindling, or choosing your words carefully around money. Pick one way to focus on as your change in language is being enacted. You may even want to elicit the help of a friend or family member for mutual support. Make it game where you are catching each other, and encouraging the new positive language.

3. Reward Yourself:

Each day you do not succumb to negative talk, give yourself a small treat; a walk, phone call to a friend or a soothing cup of tea may just be the ticket. It may but does not have to cost anything. Being kind to yourself is what it is all about. Reminder: It takes thirty days to create a new habit, so keep it up.

This summer let freedom ring with money. Listen to your words. And create the sounds that open you up to more abundance in your life. Let financial freedom ring.
C.D. Moriarty is a financial speaker, writer and coach. She is dedicated to empowering others around their money so they can achieve their dreams. She is living her dreams by residing in the Green Mountains and helping others through her work. She can be reached through her website at
(888) 449-8081
PO Box 293, Bristol, VT 05443
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