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August 2014 Edition
Volume 11 Issue #7
Hello Friend

Summertime and the living is easy…or so the saying goes. But what truly makes your summer go smoothly? Or better yet, what makes it fun? The summer weather in New England has been truly fabulous. I have been making the best of this summer. I want to encourage you to do the same. Consider some simple changes before the summer is over. This month I ask you to shake it up a bit to add a bit of spice to your life. We are such creatures of habit that even the summer routines can be the source of us getting stuck in a rut.

Soon enough, we will be back to the routine of school and other schedules. I will be back to teaching Couples Workshops on Tuesday evenings. So take a moment to read more and think differently…

Peace and Prosperity,

Traveling Close

Growing up, our house had regular visitors from overseas. My Irish relatives would typically descend in the summer and as a result, I would be on hand to be part of the entertainment. Truly, my parents were planning and executing the day trips. Typically my mother would take the actual trip and do the driving. As the youngest, I was along for each ride for many, many years. From Boston, Plymouth Rock was not far. Bunker Hill Monument and The Constitution were only a few miles away, as was the seashore. So before the age of twelve, I had climbed over “ The Rock,” sat on the cannons and climbed the stairs of these historic monuments many times. In junior high, I was shocked at how few of my classmates had even been to one of these local sites I had frequented.

This summer, I decided on rather than one long vacation, a series of Fridays off would give me freedom for long weekends or day trips on a less crowded weekday. So far, this option has created many adventures and opportunities to see new places and even act as a tourist in Vermont.

Let me be clear – this does not feel like the recent “stay vacation” movement where a week was spent at home. Or the overall goal was to save money. Rather, I have time for long weekends that are not too far away. Or day trips where I can be the “visiting” tourist in my own backyard. None of this involves undue planning or plane flights which takes more energy. Long drives leave time for exploration and side roads. No matter, that there seems to be construction everywhere in Vermont. None of these excursions are time sensitive.

The result? August is here and I have been to several new places and had new experiences. In Vermont, I went to a couple of local festivals’ from Beer festival to Street festival to a few Vermont state parks. I visited places that I had been long remodeled and well touted since I was there a decade ago. I acted like a tourist at the King Arthur Store and Simon Pierce outlet. And I was home in my bed that night. Relaxing and fun.

There was energy to head to the Eastern Townships of Canada – a whole new area I had never experienced. Lakes, scenery and a foreign country all rolled into one. There was a day of photography with friends, a day boating on the lake with a generous friend with a boat and an afternoon ferry ride across the lake to New York to cool off one afternoon.

One weekend, my husband and I went away to Ontario. We had the pleasure of staying with friends a night who introduced us to their main local summer event – The Scottish Highland Games. The music was fabulous! (Thanks Louise and Jamie!) Then, we headed to the city of Ottawa for a night. We caught a street festival of performers and an amazing light show on the Parliament Building. Each night we had fireworks too. A bonus: These unique city events were all free! We came home refreshed after a total change of scenery for a weekend.

Attitude is what has made these days fabulous. And of course, the weather has helped. But a perspective of doing something different and having a day or two of open time meant each trip was rejuvenating.

We all get so caught up in doing activities that we have enjoyed for years that even vacations happen on autopilot. A bit of variety from our way of doing things may just be the ticket we want and need to finish off this summer and move into the cooler months of the fall.

I suggest you try one experience that is different this month. Worried about the cost? Remember the event does not have to be expensive. Festivals are often free. Renting a kayak or bicycle for an hour or two costs less than a dinner out.

And best of all, according to research, experiences mean more to us than buying things. So skip the new purse and take yourself and the crew on a beach day!

No time for more, as we are off to the Addison County Fair!

Enjoy Summer!

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