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5 Things Every Couple Needs to Know about Money

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September 2014 Edition
Volume 11 Issue #8
September Greetings Friend

Fall is in the air though the sun is still warm and bright in New England. Sunday was Grandparents Day, which got me thinking about my grandmother. Then, I bumped into a friend at the post office who told me of his new joy as a grandparent – driving his grandson to kindergarten. He was so excited and happy about his new “job” in retirement.
Today's Reminder: Happiness and Gifts come in many forms. Today I share those reflections with all of you.

I am gearing up for a busy fall, as are many of you. Starting next week is the next Enlightened Finance for Couples Class. Then, I am off to a series of speaking events and a special event for those couples in Vermont on October 16th.  

Wishing you happiness and surprise gifts today!

Peace and Prosperity,

Giving is Receiving

September is the time of year Hallmark has chosen to commemorate grandparents. Although a part of me is the skeptic and says that is a great way to sell more cards, my heart is touched because my maternal grandmother was a force in my life. Nanie lived three blocks away. She was in between school and home – the best place for milk and cookies for an afternoon snack. She always had time to sit and chat with me or anyone who came by to visit.

Nanie lived alone in a three story one family home. The place was quiet and warm and always inviting. This was my respite from our family home which always held a minimum of us four kids and my parents. Countless others were bound to drop by or visitors came from across the ocean to stay for a week or two – some cousins even moved in for summers or longer, getting jobs and joining in our family life. This central hub of activity always had something going on and someone to talk to. On the other hand, for my introverted book loving self, the pace could be exhausting. When weary from the commotion, off to Nanie’s I would go.

Nanie sometimes would call me specially to ask for specific help. Always I wanted to go to her aide. She taught me a bit of everything during these times I helped her. Each and every chore tended to be short and less intense than the long list my Mom always had ready for us, which was refreshing. I could not understand this differential but I gladly did for my Nanie what I begrudgingly would only start for my Mom. After all my Nanie was lavishing attention on me.

I would take on the task of watering her plants in the attic with joyful acceptance and climb the two flights of stairs, water in hand. She loved plants and so the winter warmth of the attic was filled with her charges and inevitably this would mean refills for the watering can, taking several series of stair climbing. Never too much for my short legs, whereas her stubby legs and bad knee got overwhelmed. She would stand at the bottom of the stairs cautioning me not to water them too much and which ones were where and how to turn them and check on them. She had placed each one lovingly and knew their needs. Much like her grandchildren, she gave them her complete attention.

As a child, I was puzzled at how she thought this was helping her. This job was not time consuming or arduous. She had a green thumb and a way with plants that was clear. I was only the delivery girl.

In Spring, we would transplant and plant what was in her small front garden and the occasional side plot. She would stand at the doorway, without venturing down the outside stairs and tell me where and how to dig. Always careful to identify for me what was a weed and what was a plant from the year before. That way, together we would plant and water her garden. Then, I would gather the hose from the cellar – another flight of stairs. Four floors if we count the treasures and life that filled her basement. The spring watering would begin.

I could not understand how I helped my grandmother at the time. Older now, I have a better perspective.

This month, perhaps, those of us without our grandparents around could make it a “Love your Elder Month.” Take the time to take care of one job for someone older than you who lives around you.
  • Raking leaves
  • Climbing a ladder
  • Making a phone call 
  • Looking up something on the Internet 
Any of these may be just the ticket for the person. Best of all, according to a 2009 Harvard study, those who give of their time or money tend to feel happier.

Giving is the new receiving.  Happy Elder Month!

Enjoy Summer!

Want to read more on the Harvard Study? Check out my blog at
C.D. Moriarty is a financial speaker, writer and coach. She is dedicated to empowering others around their money so they can achieve their dreams. She is living her dreams by residing in the Green Mountains and helping others through her work. She can be reached through her website at
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