June 28, 2016 Newsletter
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Manage Your Boss Every Day – The Basics of One-on-One Meetings [part 2]

By Bruce Tulgan, excerpted from Its Okay to Manage Your Boss

This is part two in the It’s Okay to Manage Your Boss series. You can find part one here.

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STEM Education

Apple launches coding camps for kids in its retail stores

“Apple this summer is expanding its lineup of Apple Camp sessions to include a new course that teaches children the basics of coding.”
Internet of Things

Which IoT Devices Will Become Indispensable?

“Manufacturers are making anything imaginable ready for the Internet of Things, but the true value comes in the data.”
Energy and Sustainability

Intelligent LEDs Light The Way

"GE and Intel are working on LED lights that can collect temperature data from assembly lines, making processes such as assembling turbines easier."
3D Printing

Former NASA engineer uses 3D printing to create ‘world’s largest’ Nerf gun

“Former NASA engineer Mark Rober and Eclectical Engineering hosts Ryan and David have built what could be the world’s largest Nerf gun.”
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