July 5, 2016 Newsletter
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The Importance Of Lead Validation

"Generating quality leads is vital to a business’s success." Improve your internet marketing strategy and view this informative slideshow entitled "The Critical Importance of Lead Validation" by Straight North's Chief Operating Officer, Aaron Wittersheim.
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Retelling the Story of Manufacturing

Metrology holds a clue to how the story of manufacturing can be retold along bold new lines, says Ola Rollén, president and CEO of Hexagon. In his keynote address at the recent HxGN Live event, he made the point that, in manufacturing, dimensional measurement data have to be part of the total process narrative—from beginning to end.
Internet of Things

MATRIX is Building an Internet of Things That Actually Works

“AdMobilize is combining affordable crowdfunded hardware, open-source software, gestures, computer vision, and an app marketplace into a single IoT platform and ecosystem with MATRIX and MATRIX Creator.”
Jobs and Workforce

Skills Certification System

The Apprenticeship Playbook is the product of a collaboration including Alcoa, Dow, and Siemens, has everything you need to understand the apprenticeship model, choose from registered and unregistered approaches, and get started!
Big Data

Injecting IoT into Big Data Analytics

"The Internet of Things, or IoT, presents many opportunities for retailers and consumer goods organizations to drive business improvement. Among these is the use of data from sensors, devices and products to improve Big Data Analytics."
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