July 19, 2016 Newsletter
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Making Makers: How Educators And Employers Can Rebuild The Manufacturing Sector

By Eva Bloomfield, National Director, Content Creation & Brand, Hope Street Group
Trending Stories

10 ways machine learning is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry

"Every manufacturer has the potential to integrate machine learning into their operations and become more competitive by gaining predictive insights into production."
3D Printing

3D Printing Goes to the Next Level With Map Printing

"San Francisco-based programmer, Andrew Godwin has always had a passion for mapping, and when he became a programmer and realized the potential of 3D printing, he put two and two together and came up with a masterpiece."
STEM Education

Tips & Tools for Writing Good STEM Lessons

STEM expert Anne Jolly shares a 9-step process she uses to write good interactive lessons. Also: Downloads of six STEM lesson-writing tools from her new book.
Energy and Sustainability

WaterCube Creates Drinking Water from Air Using Solar Energy

A Dutch inventor has invented WaterCube, which creates clean drinking water from the air using solar energy.
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