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PRIDE Museum is on the move in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area, inspiring a new generation of youth to explore careers in technology and science by engaging the abundance of opportunities and the wonders of innovation right here in their community. At PRIDE Museum we really do get around.

Students Strive for CBCF Scholarships

PRIDE Museum effectively navigated two college bound students through the CBCF Scholarship application process; Briana Willhite (Medicine) - Louis Stokes Health Program Scholarship and Akio Bastian (Environmental Science) - Spouses Education Scholarship, We provide assistance that maximizes a favorable outcome for their financial assistance endeavor.
■ Identify scholarship opportunities
■ Guide family through the Application process
■ Assist student with a dynamic Resume, Bio and Personal Essay
■ Coordinate submission of Official Transcripts, College Offer Letter and other required Documentation
■ Compose community centered Letter of Recommendation
■ Establish a third-party relationship with scholarship committee for follow through and promotion of student application 

"As a result of the leadership and exposure provided by PRIDE Museum, we become lifelong advocates for our membership, using our extensive network to bridge youth with opportunities and provide referrals and character references for their future involvement in volunteerism, internships, summer employment, technology organizations, higher education and career field."

Google+ ONLINE Summer Camp

Maker Camp, a free online summer camp for kids on Google+, kicked off on July 8th. For six weeks, they can participate in making, hacking, STEM learning and experimenting, as well as go on virtual field trips (with the likes of NASA, Project Loon, Pixar, etc.). Each weekday morning, a new project or activity will be posted on the Google+ page—30 things to make over six weeks. Each weekday afternoon, campers may tune in to a live Google+ Hangout On Air to meet expert makers and their creations. And like last year, Field Trip Friday Hangouts will take you to new places that few of us get to see.

Energy Harvesting Invention

Jessica Matthews is CEO and Co-Founder of SOccket. The sOccket looks like a regular soccer ball, but it doubles as an energy harvesting source that can help light up communities without access to electricity. Kick a ball, power a lamp, light up the world. At its core, that’s what SOccket is, a regulation-sized soccer ball with a fist-sized technology pack tucked inside that produces and stores a small but dynamic electrical charge. The ball rolls, charging a tiny battery with each rotation, and ultimately the round object d’art of the world’s most widely played sport builds up with enough juice to run an LED lamp for 72 hours. SOccket is the brainchild of two 2010 Harvard alums, Jessica Matthews and Julia Silverman, neither of whom majored in engineering in their undergraduate days. Matthews, from Poughkeepsie, N.Y., and Silverman, from Chicago, enrolled in an engineering class for non-engineers during their junior year and were tasked with designing a multiplayer game that would address a world development issue.

New Program Steers Poor Kids to College

Thick white envelopes are landing in the mailboxes of thousands of high-school juniors nationwide this summer, with hip graphics in greens and blues and colorful photos of happy-looking people just like them. The envelopes now coursing through the mail are from the College Board, best known for administering the SAT college admissions exam. They’re based on research by a Stanford economist, who found that reaching out to poor but smart students and providing them with information is a cheap way to boost the chances they’ll apply to colleges, including the most selective ones. In simple but carefully chosen language, the mailings try to persuade these students of something that research shows they don’t necessarily believe: that they can get in, and afford to go, to college. The contents include a very specific list of fairly selective colleges—customized especially for them—with vouchers they can use to apply to eight for free. It’s not a marketing gimmick. It’s one of several earnest attempts by reputable backers to plug a massive leak through which countless smart but poor high-school graduates are cascading at the very time policymakers are trying to increase the proportion of the U.S. population with university degrees.

The Smartest Changes in Technology

Technology has transformed our lives in the broadest terms and given way to a number of changes in our everyday life. Technology has made it easy for us to conduct interactions, perform professional tasks, take care of our health and improved the standards of safety. Here are some of the smartest changes that technology has brought into our lives.
Technology in Education: An ever increasing number of students are going for online mode of study. Through video conferencing it has become very easy for teachers and students to interact just like in a class room environment. 
Technology in Communication: It is impossible to imagine a life without cell phones and not easy to comprehend life without the smartphones, tablets and laptops we use today. 
Technology in Professionalism: The evolution of technology has given way to the notion of work from home and remotely conducted tasks. We have gone one step even beyond storing files on PCs by making use of the cloud technology.
Technology in Business: As the number of online users started to increase, companies realized the internet is the most quick and easy way for customers to place their orders and buy products. There are an increasing number of opportunities to carry out small business from the internet.
Technology in Industry: The use of software has become common in almost every industry and the design process has become ever easier. Automation and control of various processes in the industry has reduced the need of workforce.
Technology in Health Care: Devices like scanners and pacemakers, different diagnostic tests, instrumentation in surgical and medical, telemedicine and electronic patient record systems are the highlights of the use of technology in healthcare. 
Technology for Direction: With the help of GPS you don’t need to ask for directions from anyone, can get instant news from a number of websites and resources, and can keep in touch with the world around you. 

Congratulations Board Member!

Master Sergeant Anthony A.L. Winbush, receives Air Force Commendation Medal for Meritorious Service. His singularly distinctive accomplishments include upgrading technologies.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is a tool regularly used to make thoughtful purchasing decisions. It’s a concept that makes sense and helps you become more creative in handling your budget when updating technology and replacing computer equipment.
Defining TCO:
Basically, TCO accounts for all of the costs directly related to the ownership of an item, for as long as you have the item. Here is a quick and simple example. Let’s say you purchase a desktop computer (CPU, monitor, keyboard, and mouse) for $600. In addition to the purchase, you need to include:
■ Ordering the machine (15 minutes) $11.25
■ Configuring, unboxing, setup (30 minutes) $22.50
■ Average of four support calls the first year $270.00 ($45 per hour, 6 hours)
So your total cost of ownership the first year is really: $903.75. If you average three calls ($202.50) the second year, five calls ($337.50) in year three, and six calls ($405.00) in year four, your total cost of ownership is $1,848.75. Of course, that assumes you retire the unit at the end of four years.

PRIDE Spotlight

Cordiva Raven, Founder and CEO,
Corvida Raven ranks among the 20 Most Influential People in Social Media. Her passion is rooted in helping people understand technology - Corvida talks tech in plain English to everyone who wants to learn.  She founded the blog, which is ranked in the Top 100 Social Media, Internet Marketing and SEO Blogs, and she has been nominated by Fast Company as amongst The 50 Most Influential Women in Tech, and a Social Media Curator to Watch. She has served as TED’s Conversations Community Catalyst, an Intel Advisor, toured the US as a Social Media Specialist for General Motors, served as a technology writer and community manager for ReadWriteWeb and FastCompany. Corvida was nominated by Glamour Magazine as amongst their 21 Amazing Young Women of 2011; and Time Magazine’s Techland Blog nominated Corvida’s Facebook Profile amongst the 25 Facebook Profiles You Should Subscribe to Right Now. Corvida is a co-founder of the Search & Social Award Winning Everything Twitter, and The SocialGeeks Roundtable Podcast.  

Gibor Basri, Astronomer and Vice Chancellor, UC Berkeley
[Connection to Silicon Valley]
Gibor Basri, a highly esteemed University of California, Berkeley, astrophysics professor with an extensive background working on diversity and outreach issues, is the campus's new vice chancellor for equity and inclusion. Basri joined the faculty of the Berkeley Astronomy Dept. in 1982, received tenure in 1988, and became a full professor in 1994. His work in the 1980's concentrated on star formation and the study of T Tauri stars, as well as continuing studies of stellar activity. In the past decade he has continued work on these topics, as well as becoming an early pioneer and world expert in the study of  brown dwarfs. He wrote an Annual Reviews of Astronomy and Astrophysics article on "Observations of Brown Dwarfs" in 2000, and delivered a plenary lecture to the American Astronomical Society entitled "Brown Dwarfs:Up Close and Physical" in 2004. He was also lead author on an Annual Reviews of Earth and Planetary Science article entitled "What is a Planet?"



Samsung Chromebook
An ultraportable, sleek Samsung Chromebook laptop for everyday adventures. It weighs 2.4 pounds and has over 6.5 hours of battery life, so you can bring it anywhere and use it everywhere. Plug in the Chromebook awhile, then opened the lid. Within about 10 seconds, it boots to a welcome screen prompting to select a language, keyboard and network. Type in Wi-Fi credentials, accept the Google Chrome OS terms, type in a Gmail address and password, and voila, ready to go. Starting at $249.

iPad Tablets for Students

Apple has landed a major deal to sell iPad tablets to the second-largest public school district in the United States. The Los Angeles School Board of Education has approved a $30 million deal to roll out iPads to students in its district beginning this fall. Each iPad tablet will include the Pearson Common Core System of Courses delivered via a new app.The iPads will also be equipped with iWork, iLife, iTunes and some educational third-party apps. It is reported the school district is paying $678 for each iPad, since it includes the pre-loaded educational software.

Scholarship Essay excerpt:
I believe education is the key to success and I am blending my passion for health and science with my desire for helping others. The health, development and well-being of babies and children are embedded in my spirit, and my ambition is to achieve a medical degree and become a Pediatrician. I read when Louis Stokes was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, he was especially interested in the healthcare of veterans, and the Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center stands as a testimony to his strong commitment. I also want to help contribute to the health of communities and offer solutions that improve the world of medicine someday. In August I will be moving across the country and away from family and friends to attend St. Thomas University, Miami, FL |The School of Science Technology and Engineering Management. I will study Pre-Med and compete on the Women’s Volleyball Team. I am looking forward to this adventure and my first year on a University campus. I know that my goals to become a Pediatrician will remain just a dream if I do not complete my medical degree – so I am committed to continue working hard in school and looking for opportunities that help make my goals a reality...

Scholarship Essay excerpt:
This fall I will enter college at California State University Monterey Bay to major in Environmental Science. I believe this field of study will satisfy my curiosity about the world around us, and I trust it will lead me to a career that aims to find ways to use the world’s resources in a sustainable way. Now it seems there was never any doubt that I would pick Environmental Science. My studies at C.A.R.T. (Center for Advanced Research and Technology) introduced me to a variety of science projects; documenting and preserving Native American artifacts in their natural habitat; growing strains of antibiotic E. coli; and researching antibacterial products negative effects on mankind. When my Environmental Science instructor transported the class into the wetlands to conduct field work – I was hooked! We assessed the population and growth of mole crabs; such tiny exoskeletons found on sandy beaches, and I was filled with excitement and satisfaction preparing detailed documentation of my experiments and conclusions. I discovered that I really enjoy trekking out into the landscape, getting dirty and muddy and conducting hands-on activities...

Education Grants

Education Grants Calendar and Directory, 2013-2014, sponsored by Dell and Intel.

Transforming Education with HR 521 Bill

Bill HR 521 is focused on education technology and is slowly working its way through the US Legislature. Technology is ever advancing and in order to stay competitive people need to keep up with the developments that are released. For many school districts, support for technological advancement can be sparse. For those schools that have semi-current technology, the lack of knowledge from the staff as to the true potential of the device can also become a hindrance. The Transforming Education Through Technology bill, HR 521, is poised to help some of these challenges being faced by educational institutions.

The Spirit of Giving

There’s something that transforms a charitable gift into magic when we're helping others. Giving back makes us feel good and you can make a positive impact in the lives of youth with a Donation to PRIDE Museum. 

Harcourt Multimedia Math Glossary 

A great tool for students, teachers, and parents to use to understand the math vocabulary used today. Choose the grade level desired, then choose the math word you want defined. The word will be read aloud and defined through words as well as visually through multimedia. 

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