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Map Out Your Network's Growing Pains

Business growth is a double edged sword. It is great that you are increasing revenue, but you now have to deal with growing pains. These growing pains are often felt with your technology. Is your network cobbled together with random computers and your wires are one big tangle ball? Digital Seattle can help relieve these IT growing pains with network mapping.
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Is a Mobile and Cloud-Based IT Infrastructure Right for Your Business
  With the widespread use of mobile devices in the workplace, more companies are questioning the relevance of their traditional IT infrastructure. Mobile devices take advantage of cloud computing, and every new generation of tablets and smartphones have productivity apps that can accomplish more tasks. Before you switch out your old technology, you will first want to consider the data needs of your business. 
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Meet Google Spanner: The Largest, Single Database Ever Created
image   The evolution of Google from a search engine company renting a garage, to one of the largest companies on the planet, is a story that can truly boggle the mind. One cause of Google's growth is their investment in developing new technology. This is the case with the Google Spanner, which is a new technology designed to manage Google's growth. 
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The Facebook Family of the Future
  The ramifications of social media have extended well beyond just a tool used to keep in touch with friends. From games, to advertising, to even aiding in the overthrow of Middle Eastern governments, social media has added a new and powerful dynamics to the way people use technology. For better or for worse, social media also adds new and interesting dynamics to the most social part of our lives, our families..
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DeleteMe App Covers Your Internet Tracks
  In today's digital age there are actually two of you. There is the flesh and blood you, that you are all-too-familiar with, and then there is the digital you, which amounts to a profile of yourself, compiled of data that is collected and exchanged by companies all over the internet. The worst part is how little you may know about your digital self.
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3 Reasons Why a Help Desk is Helpful
  An IT help desk is a resource that will benefit any office. Knowing that you have a team of computer experts standing by to deal with any technology problem will keep everybody calm whenever an issue develops. You likely won't be calling the Help Desk every day but, should the need arise, you know that a solution will be found.
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February 2013

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Map Out Your Network's Growing Pains
Is a Mobile and Cloud Based IT Infrastructure Right for Your Business
The Facebook Family of the Future
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DeleteMe App Covers Your Internet Tracks
3 Reasons Why a Help Desk is Helpful
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