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Disabling Those Pesky Browser Toolbars

Browser toolbars: some people love them, some people hate them, others just don't care. Browser toolbars can make surfing the web easier, but sometimes they can get in the way and slow things down, and even open you up for potential risks.
First, what are toolbars? Toolbars are add-ons that can be downloaded and integrated into the top of your browser window. They add in extra functionality and shortcuts which can make your browsing experience more enjoyable. Many toolbars provide one click access to your email, or your favorite websites. Others, like the Yahoo toolbar can provide added security and still others, like StumbleUpon are just for fun. Typically you install toolbars from their related website, however sometimes software installations will sneak a toolbar in that you didn't want.
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June 2012

In this issue:

  • Disabling Those Pesky Browser Toolbars
  • Has Mobility Changed your Business?
  • Computer Infected? The FBI is turning off your Internet
  • Why Should I Safely Remove Devices
  • Would a Disaster put your Company out of Business?
  • Is your Business a Victim of Email Spoofing?
Has Mobility Changed Your Business?
Technology is changing quickly and businesses are seeing a wide variety of options replacing traditional IT methodology that is driving change and productivity to businesses of all sizes. It's getting easier to take work with you with mobile devices and hosted services, but are these just expensive new toys or do they provide serious benefits to businesses?

Cloud Computing
Probably the biggest, vaguest buzz word of this technology generation, cloud computing can mean a whole lot of different things.
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Computer Infected? The FBI is turning off your Internet
Computer viruses are pretty serious threats, and can cause huge expensive issues for businesses. Many cases of malware and computer viruses actually use your computer to commit real crimes. The FBI states that hundreds of thousands of people will likely lose the ability to surf the web if they have a particular piece of malware.
The malware is named DNSChanger and has been around for a few years, infiltrating millions of computers.
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Why Should I Safely Remove Devices?

If you've used a USB flash drive or other USB devices like cameras, smartphones, and external hard drives, you've probably seen Windows request you to safely remove the device as opposed to simply unplugging it from the PC when you are done. How important is this? Very. Think of a passenger jet being loaded with luggage. . .
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Would a Disaster put your Company out of Business?

Nobody likes thinking or talking about this (except maybe if you are in the insurance business), but businesses are fragile entities. Enough hardship and loss will greatly weaken the foundation that keeps the business running smoothly. What if your business suffered from a fire, devastating flood, or even. . .
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Is your Business a Victim of Email Spoofing?

Is your email sending out mass-mail spam messages? Have you ever received a complaint about sending unsolicited ads or obvious spam messages? Have you ever received bounced emails by the boatload that look like they have been sent from your own account, even though you know you didn't send them?
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