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Windows Gets a New Look

Microsoft is gearing up to roll out Windows 8 on October 26th and if the early tests are any indication, the computing giant's latest operating system (OS) could change the face of cross-platform integration. There's always some consternation among business owners when having to decide to outfit their computers with the newest OS so here are a few things you should know about Windows 8.
Windows 8 offers upgrades of some key features that are predominant in business applications. Windows 8 features a new graphic user interface (GUI) that is more in line with ones Android and Apple have been using then your typical Windows (more on this later). The "metro-style" GUI gets rid of the windows stand-by Start Menu which allows for an optimized interface in which to use touch screen devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Robin Cures Android Users' Siri-Envy

Even if you've never used an iPhone, you've probably heard of Siri, Apple's personal virtual assistant. Siri is one-part novelty, one-part geekiness, and actually pretty productive. She can answer questions for you, facilitate many features of the iPhone, and report notifications and updates to you. For those of us who love our Android devices over Apple's iOS, Siri makes us just a little jealous, that is until now.
Enter Robin. Robin started out as a souped up navigation app for Android smartphones that dishes out driving directions, parking, traffic, and other localized information. A few updates later, and Robin is proving to be Siri's doppelganger, with plenty of personalized settings and features.


November 2012

In this issue:

  • Windows Gets a New Look
  • Robin Cures Android Users' Siri-Envy
  • 4 Reasons the Desktop PC Won't Die
  • Use GPS to Navigate Your Way to Profits
  • Increase Security with Multi-Factor Identification
  • Calculate Your Downtime
4 Reasons the Desktop PC Won't Die
With all this talk about mobile devices like tablets, smartphones, and ultra-portable laptops, you'd begin to think that traditional desktop PCs are going to seem archaic. Depending on your needs, that can be the case, but desktops aren't going away anytime soon, and for good reason.
More Powerful Hardware
This has been the case from the very beginning; desktop PCs are capable of more powerful hardware. Desktops don't need to worry about electricity consumption the same way portable devices do, and components don't need to be shrunk down into a tiny lap-sized chassis. This also allows better heat dispersion. All three factors give desktops the flexibility to utilize the most complex, cutting edge components that aren't designed for mobility (yet). In other words, computer hardware manufacturers build new components, and then work on shrinking those components into mobile sizes. This reason alone will keep the desktop alive - PC gamers, graphic artists, and multimedia buffs will always want high-end desktops.  Read More

Use GPS to Navigate Your Way to Profits

Time is money. Benjamin Franklin offered up that poignant piece of business acumen in his 1748 pamphlet Advice to the Young Tradesman, Written by an Old One. Travel to the present day and it's one of the most frequent sayings used by businesses professionals. 
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Increase Security with Multi-Factor Identification

Using a strong password with complex combinations of letters and numbers will go a long way in protecting your account, but passwords provide only one level of protection against hackers. Additional levels of security can be added with multi-factor authentication. This is the best. . . 
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Calculate Your Downtime

Does it sometimes feel that business is going well, yet your bottom line is taking a hit? If time is money, then downtime is anti-money, and downtime may be your biggest budget buster. To help you determine exactly how much your IT downtime is costing you, we have two mathematical formulas you can apply to your business.
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