Strategic Governance, Risk & Reputation Management News
Strategic Governance, Risk & Reputation News
May 12, 2014


Over the past month, we have been traveling quite a bit including to Argentina, Canada and Arizona. We have met with many colleagues, friends and clients. The trip to Latin America demonstrated how ethics and compliance are really beginning to take root and grow there. We visited Arizona to participate in the ECOA's Sponsoring Partner Forum and in a wonderful tribute to Keith Darcy, former Executive Director of the ECOA, and a true luminary and pioneer in our field - the tribute was spectacular, heartfelt and so well deserved. 

Our primary focus now is on Madrid, Spain, where GEC Risk and our strategic partner, Impact on Integrity, are holding a one day interactive executive workshop on "Integrity, Risk & Reputation" on June 17th. The leading Spanish law firm, Garrigues, is our host for this workshop for senior executives, board members and business people. It is our Featured Event for this month - read more about it in our events column and download the brochure in English and Spanish here: If you have colleagues or friends in Spain and Europe who might be interested in attending please let them know!

Also high on the agenda for early June for those of you in North America is the Conference Board's (TCB) Global Strategic & Enterprise Risk Management Conference on June 4-5, 2014 in NYC, we have a fantastic agenda, 22 luminary speakers and a special $500 discount for our readers (see sidebar). Also in early June, Jacqueline E. Brevard has organized and is hosting a TCB Compliance Council 2 day event for which we will be co-presenting two workshops - one on risk assessments and the other on confllicts of interest.

During May, I am participating in a new cyber-venture - the 2nd Annual Global Enterprise Risk Management Virtual Conference. I am giving a keynote address on "Reputation Risk: What is it and Where Does it Fit into the Risk Universe?". For more information, please see the events column.

Lastly, the latest GlobalEthicist column focuses on how a critical factor in effective reputation risk management is stakeholder trust. This piece is based in part on my forthcoming book for DŌ Sustainability, The Reputation Risk Handbook: A Guide for Managers and Directors, coming this summer.



Andrea Bonime-Blanc, CEO
GEC Risk Advisory LLC
Transforming Risk into Value 

The Reputation Risk Handbook:
A Guide for Managers & Directors

By Andrea Bonime-Blanc
Sustainability Publishers
Late Summer 2014

The GlobalEthicist Column 
Ethical Corporation Magazine  
May 2014

"Risk and Opportunity:
The Role of Stakeholder Trust"

In the latest The GlobalEthicist Column for Ethical Corporation Magazine, Andrea Bonime-Blanc explores the ways in which reputation risk can also be an opportunity for organizations. Proper reputation risk management yields not only liability reduction and less headaches, it can also yield oportunity for value capture and growth.
The critical link in the chain is how stakeholders perceive how the company manages its reputation - if well, reputation risk management can turn into value, if poorly, stakeholders will loose trust and walk away with attendant value reduction to the organization.
This piece is based on the upcoming DŌ Sustainabiity book by the author The Reputation Risk Handbook: A Guide for Managers and Directors, coming this summer.

"Integrity, Risk & Reputation: An Executive Workshop"
June 17, 2014 at Garrigues in Central Madrid, Spain


In this one day workshop conducted in central Madrid, two leaders in integrity, risk and reputation management bring their real world experiences from multinational ethics & compliance programs to the Spanish market for the first time. Executives joining this impactful networking and best practice sharing forum will take away fresh ideas to create value and increase financial performance in their organizations. The presenters will share their practical experiences and tools to demonstrate that Compliance and Risk are no longer defensive costs for your company but offer great opportunities to reduce costs, boost the loyalty of your customers and increase profitability.  To learn more and register, please follow this link to download the brochures in English or Spanish:

The Conference Board
Global Strategic & Enterprise Risk Management Conference
New York City June 4-5, 2014


Risk management has become an essential part of corporate management, strategy, and leadership over the past few years, and risk executives are increasingly required to work across a broad range of issues. Risk leaders also need to coach and train their staff in the detection and management of emerging risks. If properly structured and integrated with strategy, active risk management can provide a competitive advantage in all sectors, providing critical protection to corporate reputation and brand, as well as enabling strategic growth over time. This conference offers an up-to-date overview of the critical global and strategic risks confronting multinational organizations.

Fear of not knowing how to manage risk, understand risk, know what’s next, be at a disadvantage with competitors, fail to live up to legal and regulatory standards, understand complexity of issues, should drive folks to want to get the latest on the principal strategic, substantive and organizational risks.

 For a special $500 discount from the conference fee, please use the Code AB1 when you register through the following link:



June 17, 2014 - Madrid, Spain
GEC Risk Advisory & Impact on Integrity present:
"Integrity, Risk & Reputation: An Interactive Executive Workshop"
held at Garrigues, Hermosilla, 3, Madrid, Spain. To download the flyer in English or Spanish please go to:

May 05-31, 2014 - Second Global Enterprise Risk Management Virtual Conference 2014 - Keynote Address. 
“Reputation Risk: What Is It and How Does it Fit into the Risk Universe?” To review agenda and register:

May 14, 2014 - Harvard Business School Club of NYC & E&Y Present: "Preparing for the IPO Journey: All You Need to Know". Panelist. At E&Y, 5 Times Square, NYC, 6:30-8:30pm. For more details and to register:

May 20, 2014 - The Conference Board Live Webinar - "A CEO's View on CSR, Risk & Reputation: Part II" of a conversation with retired Siemens USA CEO, Hans W. Decker. 3:00-4:00pm EDT. for more details & to register: 
June 2, 2014 - The Conference Board Webcast 11am-12Noon EDT
"The Changing Chinese Supply Chain" with Michael Hickman, International Partner, Haiwen & Partners. To register:

June 3, 2014 - The Conference Board Compliance Council Meeting, New York City (by invitation only)
Co-presenting with Jacqueline E. Brevard, Senior Advisor to GEC Risk Advisory, and others on two topics: (1) Risk Assessments, and (2) Conflicts of Interest.

June 4-5, 2014 - New York City

The Conference Board, Global Strategic & Enterprise Risk Management Conference: "Crisis Management Workshop" with Jacqueline E. Brevard, Senior Advisor, GEC Risk Advisory. Global Strategic & Enterprise Risk Management Annual Conference, The Conference Board, New York, New York. $500 Discount Code AB1.

For more information on these events and more, please visit: 

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