Strategic Governance, Risk & Reputation News
Strategic Governance, Risk & Reputation News
May 31, 2015

I made a whirlwind trip to Seoul, Korea (my first time) last week to give a keynote speech at the Good Company Conference on "Reputation Risk and Organizational Resilience in the Age of Hyper-Transparency". My hosts, The Korea Management Association, SISA Journal and moderator of the conference, Dr. Oh Jongnam, could not have been more welcoming and great to work with.

The conference itself was a great success - with record attendance of 700 and members of the Korean government executive and legislative branches keynoting as well. My next GlobalEthicist column for Ethical Corporation Magazine in July will provide a "travelogue" on my impressions of business integrity issues in the Korean marketplace.  (Past columns are available here:

June will be another packed month: We begin with another in the Hiperos-sponsored Executive Compliance & Risk Webinar Series - on building a cross-disciplinary approach to third party risk management. We have a phenomenal inter-disciplinary panel from four leading companies (see sidebar for more information and complimentary registration).

Then we're off to the 3rd Latin America Ethics Summit, which is our featured event this month, taking place in Rio de Janeiro (another hardship destination) to do a panel on "Reputation and Transparency in Latin America". GEC Risk friends and clients attending get a discount (see sidebar).

Lastly, from June 22-26, Jacquieline Brevard and I will co-teach our second cohort of students at the NYU Corporate Compliance & Ethics Certification Program (see sidebar).  The first one was a great success and we look forward to meeting our next great group of international professionals and students. Amongst our guest teachers this time are our friends Emmanuel Lulin, Chief Ethics Officer of L'Oreal, and Matthias Kleinhempel, Business Professor at IAE Business School in Buenos Aires.

Until the end of June - have a great month!


Andrea Bonime-Blanc, CEO
GEC Risk Advisory LLC
Transforming Risk into Value 
NYU Corporate Compliance & Ethics Certificate Program
Summer Session
NYU School for Professional Studies
June 22-26, 2015
New York City

One week, full time intensive Corporate Compliance & Ethics Certification course. Created and taught by Adjunct Professors Andrea Bonime-Blanc & Jacqueline E. Brevard with several guest speakers. For more information and to register:


“Creating Reputational Value through Organizational Resilience”
Crain’s Business Insurance Perspectives 
By Andrea Bonime-Blanc &
Nir Kossovsky

May 13, 2015
When it comes to growing a thriving business, reputation is the most valuable asset one can have — and must protect. In this oped piece for Crain's Business Insurance, Andrea Bonime-Blanc of GEC Risk Advisory, and Nir Kossovsky of Steel City Re, discuss how organizational resilience can help mitigate the risk of losing this important intangible asset and build sustainable organizational resilience. 

"Creating Compliance from Scratch: Q&A with a Risk Expert"
Interview with Andrea Bonime-Blanc

By Bob Barker
Inside Counsel Magazine
May 22, 2015

A look at what the CEO of GEC Risk Advisory recommends to companies building a compliance program without a blueprint. Available here:

"Making the Business Case for Managing Strategic Third Party Risk"
By Andrea Bonime-Blanc
Hiperos GEC Risk
White Paper 

April 22, 2015
Available here:

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Risk2Value Blog Post

"Transforming Compliance Risk into Value:
Customizing the Reporting Structure of your Ethics & Compliance Program" 




JUNE 17-18, 2015

GEC Risk is proud to be a sponsor for the second year and Andrea Bonime-Blanc will lead a panel with compliance leaders from Iberdrola & SNC Lavalin Latin America discussing "Reputation & Transparency in 2015".

For more information and to register, please use the courtesy discount code "GECRisk":

Hiperos & GEC Risk
co-present another Executive & Compliance Risk Series Webinar

"Building a Resilient Cross-Disciplinary Approach to Third Party Risk Management:
A Primer"

June 11, 2015
11:00am-12Noon Eastern

Join us as four executives – representing legal, compliance, risk and procurement — tackle the tricky but critical topic of where the responsibility for third party risk management resides in an organization.  

This webinar will address the following topics:

  • Should third party risk be center-led or have a cross-disciplinary approach? In a cross-disciplinary approach who is the "owner"?
  • What kind of information sharing and reporting should take place to the C-suite and to the board? 
  • How is third party management handled by a cross-disciplinary team in a time of crisis?
To register for this complimentary webcast, please click here:

"Andrea Bonime-Blanc wrote the book on reputation risk"
The Wall Street Journal
December 31, 2014

“For any senior manager, Board member, C-Suite executive or compliance practitioner this book should be mandatory reading…
I heartily recommend
this book.”
Tom Fox,
The FCPA Ethics & Compliance Blog
March 2015

Complimentary Chapter download available here:

Transforming Risk into Value

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