Strategic Governance, Risk & Reputation News
Strategic Governance, Risk & Reputation News
November 26, 2014


Late this summer, I had the good fortune to sit down with NYSE Governance Services for their video series Inside Compliance. The host, Eric Morehead, VP, and I explored two main topics: "A Strategic Approach to Governance, Risk and Compliance" (which is available here: and, just released today, Part II: "Reputation, Crisis and Value Transformation" (
My new book The Reputation Risk Handbook: Surviving and Thriving in the Age of Hyper-Transparency published last month by Oxford UK-based publisher Dō Sustainability is doing well and, to my surprise, has made it to several amazon kindle best seller lists ( To find out more about the book, please click here ( or to order a copy, please click here:

The big upcoming event before year-end for us is the honor of making the keynote speech at the Third Annual Oil & Gas Anti-Corruption Forum in Bogota, Colombia, on December 9th, the annual global anti-corruption day, at the invitation of EcoPetrol.

For those of you in London on December 1st and interested, our strategic partner, Murray Grainger, CEO of Impact on Integrity, will be conducting the first ever Global Business Ethics Challenge interactive workshop in London at the offices of Norton Rose. A few seats are still available - to reserve your seat, please click on the link in the story featured in this newsletter.

Finally, there are two new reading resources available for those of you interested in (a) how ESG issues fit into risk and compliance programs (see Ethical Corporation Magazine column featured in this newsletter) and (b) a "Life Cycle Guide to Ethics & Compliance Programs" published in this month's NACD Directorship Magazine and co-written with Martin Coyne II, President & CEO of the NACD New Jersey Chapter, and a former C-suite executive and current board member of several companies. 

I wish all of you in the North a warm season and all of you in the South a wonderful spring. And for those of you in the U.S., a very happy Thanksgiving together with your loved ones!

Cheers and until next month,


Andrea Bonime-Blanc, CEO
GEC Risk Advisory LLC
Transforming Risk into Value 

A Life-Cycle Guide to Ethics & Compliance Programs

By Andrea Bonime-Blanc
& Martin Coyne II

NACD Directorship Magazine
November/December 2014 Edition

Boards and executives often struggle with what constitutes an appropriate, cost-efficient, and effective ethics and compliance program for their companies. The issue gets even more complicated when one factors in the stage of development, type, sector, footprint, regulatory environment, and other complexities specific to the business in question. 

This article provides specific details of the key components of an effective ethics and compliance program corporate officers and directors should consider depending on their stage of development, i.e., the life-cycle point in which they find themselves at a given time. 

To read or download a copy: 

The Reputation Risk Handbook:

Surviving & Thriving in the
Age of Hyper-Transparency

Andrea Bonime-Blanc

Oxford, UK: Dō Sustainability - 2014

Or visit the Author's Amazon page: 
“Convincingly demonstrates that today’s hyper-transparent world presents profound “reputation risks”...her advice is essential … to instill a forward-thinking, action-oriented compliance culture.”
LANNY A. BREUER, Vice Chairman, Covington & Burling, former Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, Obama Administration
"…an important and timely book. Thought leaders like Dr. Bonime-Blanc, with this immensely readable book, help guide the way for all of us.”
ANDREW WEISSMANN, Former Director of the Enron Task Force and General Counsel of the FBI
"A novel and refined immersion into the complex world of corporate risk.”
SIMON M. FRANCO, CEO, Simon Franco Recursos Humanos, Brazil
“…the perfect guide through the maze of 'reputation risk'…”
HANS DECKER, Retired CEO and Vice Chairman of Siemens USA
“A brilliant handbook for CEOs."
JORGE CACHINERO, Group Senior Director, Llorente & Cuenca, Professor, IE Business School, Spain


El III Foro de Ética y Transparencia del Sector de Hidrocarburos
(The Third Forum on Ethics and Transparency in the Oil & Gas Sector)

Bogota, Colombia December 9, 2014

Andrea Bonime-Blanc 
Keynote Speaker on
“Reputation Risk, Anti-Corruption & Due Diligence in the Age of Hyper-Transparency” 
Sponsored by Ecopetrol

NYSE Governance Sevices
Inside Compliance
Video Series

Interview with
Andrea Bonime-Blanc

"Reputation Risk, Crisis and Value Transformation"

In Part II of a two part interview conducted on the NYSE trading floor, Eric Morehead, Vice President and Compliance Counsel for NYSE Governance Services, interviews Andrea Bonime-Blanc about the interconnection between crisis management, reputation and value transformation and its relevance to the ethics and compliance community. To access the video please click here: 

Ethical Corporation Magazine

"How to Integrate ESG Issues into a Risk & Compliance Program"

To read this article click here: 

Strategic Partner News:

Impact on Integrity
Global Business Ethics Challenge
London - December 1, 2014


Business ethics gamification arrives in London for the first time with IOI's offering of The Global Business Ethics Challenge interactive workshop. For those who will be attending, paperback copies of IOI's strategic partner, Andrea Bonime-Blanc's new book The Reputation Risk Handbook will be available for purchase at a discounted price. For more information and to register, please visit: 

Transforming Risk into Value

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