Strategic Governance, Risk & Reputation News October 14, 2013

The Fall is in Full Swing and so are Governance, Risk & Reputation Developments 

With this, our third monthly GEC Risk Newsletter, the fall seems to be in full swing, certainly in the Northern Hemisphere, with regulators, government officials, practitioners and business ethics academics continuing to make their mark despite the arteriosclerosis in Washington DC. In the past two weeks, I participated in the Ethics & Compliance Officer Annual Conference in Chicago and the Society for Corporate Compliance Ethics Annual Conference in Washington DC and in both places we heard from regulators, academics, corporate leaders and others all of them pointing in the direction of a continuing rise in consciousness about the importance of ethics, compliance, risk management and sustainable integrity in the global corporate arena. Let's hope this is true and not just the swing of the pendulum. Something else that has been very positive is the fact that a variety of leading business ethics academics are doing very valuable and practical research that is becoming beneficial to companies in how they run their programs. Time will tell, I guess!

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I'm off to a bunch of additional speaking commitments this fall - the next one will be the NACD Board Leadership Conference I am attending from October 13-15, 2013, in National Harbor, Maryland. I am a relatively new member and first time attendee and have the good fortune of having been asked to present on two critically important topics: The Role of Skepticism in the Boardroom and Supply Chain and Third Party Risk Management. You may also want to check out my latest The GlobalEthicist Column for Ethical Corporation Magazine on "Supply Chain Risk: What Companies Need to Know". I have another one coming out soon on supply chain risk management in and out of China which I am co-authoring with a leading American lawyer who is a long time resident of Shanghai. I will post a link to that article in a future newsletter.

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Best and until November!

Andrea Bonime-Blanc, CEO

Read the latest GlobalEthicist Column for Ethical Corporation Magazine on "Supply Chain Risk: What Companies Need to Know"

In this column, I try to dissect the most salient governance, risk and compliance issues that come up in supply chain risk management distilling it down to six key take-aways, see if you agree: 

New Conference Board Custom Executive Seminar:

Managing Global Risk & Reputation to Your Company's Advantage: A Multi-Disciplinary Interactive Seminar

December 10-11, 2013 - The Conference Board Center - New York, New York

Join us for a two-day interactive seminar for cross-functional and business executives charged with managing the most challenging risks and crises global organizations face today -- from supply chain and corruption to cybercrime and culture failure – and learn how to implement a more holistic strategic approach to global risk and reputation management based on the original strategic framework created by Andrea Bonime-Blanc, CEO of GEC Risk Advisory, who is the Seminar's Program Director. Speakers include: Brigida Benitez, Steptoe & Johnson; S. Prakash Sethi, University Professor Baruch College; Carmen Oveissi Field, Deloitte; Jacqueline E. Brevard, Merck & Co. (retired); Judith Young, Institute for Ethical Leadership; Jeffrey Gracer, Sive Paget & Riesel.

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Upcoming Events

October 14, 2013
NACD Annual Board Leadership Conference

National Harbor, Maryland, USA
Panelist "Trust but Verify: The Role of Skepticism in the Boardroom"

October 14, 2013
NACD Annual Board Leadership Conference

National Harbor, Maryland, USA
Panelist "Supply Chain Third Party Risk Management"

October 21, 2013
Columbia University School of International & Public Affairs

New York, New York, USA
Guest Lecturer on "Building Ethics, Compliance & Corporate Citizenship into Business Operations"

October 26, 2013
Public Relations Society of America Annual "One World" Meeting

Philadelphia, PA, USA
Panelist "When Legal & PR Counsel Collide, Can Ethics Come to the Rescue?"

November 12-13, 2013
The Northwind Professional Institute

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Keynote Speaker: "Global Risks: The Old and the New: Corruption & Cyber-attacks"

November 14, 2013
NAVEX Annual Virtual Conference

Virtual Conference: Live & Pre-recorded
Speaker on "Supply Chain Risk Management"

November 19, 2013
The Conference Board Live Webcast
"A CEOs Perspective on CSR, Risk & Business Strategy"
A conversation with Hans Decker, Retired CEO & Chairman of Siemens USA
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November 21, 2013
NYSE Governance Services / Corpedia

IPO Readiness Conference: Are You IPO Ready?
The New York Stock Exchange, New York, New York, USA
Moderator of Panel on Board Oversight & Governance
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